Friday, January 13, 2012

Radio France International - Sound Kitchen Featuring Mitul Kansal

Mitul Kansal
Mitul Kansal is an Engineering student and avid Shortwave enthusiast in India who participated in the Radio France International Listener's Essay. The theme issued by RFI was "This I Believe". Mitul's essay was a powerful inspiration to all who have heard it. Mitul was brought to our attention by the well organized, well written "Radio Listening" blog.

Susan Owensby is the host of the popular RFI program named above.The RFI Audio Player for this specific program has been embedded below for your listening pleasure.



      SOUND KITCHEN 08/01/12 FV 5'10    











Md. Azizul Alam Al-Amin said...

Thank you. Radio Listening ( is my blog not Mitul Kansal. Please make the correction.

Md. Azizul Alam Al-Amin

Mitul Kansal said...

Yes, my blog is Please make the correction. And thank you for putting my name in your blog.