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Podcast of ARNewsline(tm):  To listen to the Podcast now provided by Kevin Trotman, N5PRE, you need iTunes, iPodder,  or iPodderX. Connect using Podcast software (not your web browser) click on this link:  Amateur Radio Newsline N5PRE Podcast

Rain Report: Current Weekly Show

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Rain Report Archive

Current RAIN Report and recent Archives: 773-358-7845 - Courtesy of Uddle Systems.

                          CLASSIC MEDIA NETWORK
                       Classic Media Network with Jonathan Marks
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                                       NASH HOLOS

                       Nash Holos with Paulette MacQuarrie
                                   Ukranian News Outlook

Bob Zanotti's Switzerland In Sound brings us the sights, sounds,
and culture of Switzerland. Subscribe to this program for I-Tunes


Ted Randall's QSO show features interviews and so much more. The above link takes you to the full collection of MP3 / I-Tunes files.

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 Jerry Taylor  - KD0BIK, is a REAL knowledgeable guy, very approachable and friendly. His show, "The Practical Ham" also known as "The Practical Podcaster" gives amateur radio "how to" information and so much more rich content delivered in a way that most anyone can understand. Jerry has so far produced and published 51 episodes. Jerry has been featured on Ted Randall's QSO Show. To hear Jerry's show, you can visit

You can also take a look at the PODCAST DIRECTORY