Sunday, October 30, 2011

Shortwave B-11 Schedules Are Up! (HFCC , AOKI, EIBI Versions)

Click HERE for B-11 schedules by broadcaster and FMO

HFCC B-11 Schedule Zip File.

Shortwave Central also has detailed B-11 schedule information.

Neither Eibi nor Aoki have their B-11 sched tables up yet, but they will be made available here when they finally get everything up.

****UPDATE**** 21 November 2011

Here is the AOKI B-11 text file link   Here is the AOKI B-11 ZIP FILE link

EIBI has still not posted the B-11 files usually hosted there.

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Voice Of Indonesia Press Release

VOI is launching a contest called "Wonderful Indonesia Quiz" broadcast through teresterial ( SW ) and within their website. In the middle of November, they are going to have a lucky draw for two participants and invite them to visit Indonesia. The quiz can be found under the article "Wonderful Indonesia Quiz".
Best regards,

Kabul Budiono,
Head of RRI World Service

Friday, October 28, 2011

Shortwave America Offers Advertising Space / Membership Program

Advertising space is now available at Shortwave America at the official sponsor page. Interested parties should contact Shortwave America for pricing information. Shortwave America asks that ONLY those entities / individuals with real businesses and / or products to apply.

Also, the time and amount of work it takes to bring all of you the high quality presentations here means that your support and the support of the public has become paramount to keeping Shortwave America alive in the future to come. Those customers wishing to buy Shortwave America memberships should use the logo below or see the permanent logo at the top of the homepage.

Shortwave America Membership Categories

Those who donate funds in any amount totaling one dollar or more will be enrolled as members of Shortwave America. Shortwave America membership entitles you to enter all future contests, and receive other benefits that non-paying persons will not be privileged to; such as unedited versions of Shortwave America audio programming, reduced cost copies of CD's and DVD's, and other privileges as they become available, when such is NOT a contest prize item. Remember, Platinum and Premium members will receive the best privileges.

Those persons / entities who pay for advertising space will also be eligible to ask for a 30 second audio spot on Shortwave America audio programming with a 10% reduction on the highest price quoted to you elsewhere.

Lucky Strike Presents: Back To 1938!

This is a bit of nostalgia for those who are still alive and can remember these days. For the rest of us, this is a peek at what radio programming was like in the 30s. If you use your imagination, you may be able to get a reasonable picture of what society was in that time. LISTEN HERE

Announcing The NEW Audio News Programming Page

As promised earlier this year, Shortwave America attempted to bring you access to some 7 different radio or world news related programming. Many of those shows with the exception of two of them, have shut down. There was also a problem with bringing you many of these programs because the publishing schedules were either very erratic or just too difficult to keep up with in the practical sense.

In an effort to keep the promise made to our fans and followers, Shortwave America has erected an "Audio News Programming" page, located at the very top of the page. The shows here are high quality content produced and engineered by veteran broadcasters. Here's the list:

  • Amateur Radio Newsline
  • The Rain Report
  • Classic Media Network with Jonathan Marks
  • Nash Holos / Ukranian News Outlook with Paulette MacQuarrie
  • Bob Zanotti's Switzerland In Sound
  • The QSO Show with Ted Randall
The QSO show isn't produced anymore as far as we know, but it seems as if it is a good show with good material. 

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Happy Diwali (Festival Of Lights)!

See the Wikipedia link provided by Shortwave America fan, Mitsul Kansal.

May all of our fans and followers in India know complete happiness, enlightenment, closeness of family and friends, along with the best of memories for the rest of the year! As you gather with those who are close to you, may you also know that there are those of us across the world sharing happiness with you during this most important time of the year.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Shortwave America Celebrates Three Years!

Seems like it was just yesterday when Shortwave America became a reality three years ago today. Those loyal fans from all over the globe who have been watching this publication grow and make each new achievement, each new milestone; are the ones who have made Shortwave America what is has become thus far and what it will become in the future to come.

Most everyone knows that there are big dreams happening here, and there exists the courage, drive, and direction to make those dreams a reality. At this time, Shortwave America wishes to thank a long list of people and entities. If you do not get named, please know that you haven't been forgotten!

Keith Perron, Paulette MacQuarrie, Bob Zanotti, the entire support team at PCJ Radio / PCJ Media, the fans and listeners of Media Network Plus, Andy Sennitt, Jonathan Marks, the wonderful folks at WRN, Chris Freitas, Corq SWL, everyone at HF Underground, RadioReference, the India DXing Cooperation Forum along with the listeners and fans in India; Indian DX Club International, Radio Listeners Club, No Mundo Do Dexismo; those fans / readers in China; our friends and fans in the U.K., Australia, Poland, Russia, Italy, Spain, and everywhere else! Special mentions to: Ian McFarland, and Victor Goonetilleke for their patience and good spirited sportsmanship; to Jerry Bryant for being the very first special guest on the Shortwave America pilot episode; Chris Daniels, and Victor Sergeyev. 

Before closing out this piece, it is noteworthy to mention that a special program for December is in the works. This is something that has not ever been done by any radio amateur, any shortwave or local broadcaster anywhere. This show will be a focus on Christmas around the world, creatively tied into the radio community. The beginning of December will bring you more details.

Until next time, here's to three years turning into 30 more years! Thanks again to all of those people who read and pay attention here.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Media Network Plus Makes It To "Best Of The Best Weekend DX Programs" At Monitoring Times

The broadcasting team of Keith Perron, Paulette MacQuarrie, Dan Hensley and a list of others at PCJ Radio who make up the core team of the popular "Media Network Plus" program which boasts both a weekly and a monthly show has made the Shortwave Central by Monitoring Times "Best of The Best" list for weekend DX programming. There are also other programs on this same list aired by other stations, but to even be on the list is an achievement and a privilege.

We want to thank all of our fans and listeners who make the show possible because without fans and listeners, there would be no show. Of course, WRN has been VERY good to us and we also want to thank them for having us on their network!

73's and 88's where applicable!

Friday, October 14, 2011

Shortwave America Pilot Episode Status

Dear loyal fans and readers,

The first pilot episode of Shortwave America is in production status as we await two other interview subjects for this first episode. Jerry Bryant was an awesome man to speak with, and contributed great things to the pilot episode by way of his interview. Taking the time to produce the pilot episode the right way is an integral part of your listening experience. We expect to have this show up and running by the next two weeks.

A new development has occurred here at Shortwave America in that WRMI Radio has agreed to work with Shortwave America to air each episode to the world, and Radio Indonesia has expressed an interest in carrying Shortwave America programming as well.

The second show will air in November, and will be a special 3 hour show focusing on an international treasure that not many people get to know much about. We're talking exciting, high tech stuff! (sorry, no more clues until November 1st!)