Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Shortwave America Broadcast Schedule

The final details of the deal between Shortwave America and The Look 24-7 have been sealed and now a permanent schedule is in place. You can hear the new, improved, commercial edition of Shortwave America 8 hours a week at The Look 24-7 on Fridays and Saturdays 9 pm PT/12 am ET (Saturday/Sunday) - 1 am PT/4 am ET Saturday/Sunday. That translates to 0400UTC to 0900UTC.

There are many ways to listen: The listening link gives the audience a choice of their favorite media players, Smart Phone listening, and podcasts to name a few. Unfortunately, due to Copyright Law on an international basis, podcasts will not contain any of the music featured on the show. This DOES NOT stop you from recording with your choice of many available electronic media recording software found on the internet.

Shortwave America would like to thank Julia "Jules" Sherred, Orev Deniker, the many sponsors and donors who make The Look 24-7 happen. Chris Freitas, PCJ Media and PCJ Radio as a collective for their continuing support and partnership, Paulette MacQuarrie, WRMI Radio Miami International, and the thousands of loyal readers / fans / followers and listeners.

A standard disclaimer has to be published just for legal reasons:

Shortwave America is a family - friendly production and at any time where or when even a momentary departure from family and community standards occurs, it must be noted that: The views and opinions expressed during the Shortwave America Show are the views and opinions of the Founder / Chief - Editor and Chief Producer and of any guests appearing on the show. They do not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of The Look 24/7, its parent company/companies, nor any of its affiliates or sponsors. Listener discretion is advised.

A few questions for the audience should be answered at this time. Shortwave America will remain available as a podcast at as well as the podcast version at The Look 24-7. This will allow for greater access to everyone who is interested. Shortwave America will indeed sound different because actual breaks must be taken to allow for station identification, listener / audience convenience, and to allow the show host to perform small, behind the scenes tasks. 

Because the show is now 4 hours in length, you will hear a range of music in-between talk segments. The music will be familiar, but also interesting due to the mix of music being presented as chosen by the show host. Listeners can now make requests! Yes, Shortwave America TAKES REQUESTS! Don't be shy!

What will the show segments be? That answer depends on the specific topics at hand for each show. We can't give it all away here and now, so tune in to The Look 24-7 and enjoy the fun! Whether you're an insomniac, night owl, third shift worker, or a resident of a distant country across the time zones just waking up and starting your day, this show is for you!

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