Thursday, January 5, 2012

New Episode: 30 Years of Space Shuttle Communications History

Originally scheduled for release just before Thanksgiving of 2011, the long awaited series "30 years Of Space Shuttle Communications" has finally been released with the first segment of a multi-segment program. On this program, Paulette MacQuarrie of PCJ Radio and Nash Holos Ukrainian Roots Radio is our special guest host and guest announcer.

Segment one of this program starts with Astronaut Mike Massamino interviewing retired Shuttle Launch Director, Mike Leinbach and ends with the launch of Shuttle Atlantis on mission STS-132. In segment one, you'll learn about the basic communications protocol and what each communication means. This series is meant not only to educate the public about space shuttle communications in an era gone by, but also to celebrate the dedicated, skilled work of those performing vital communications that made our shuttle program what it was. 


Shortwave America would like to thank the NASA press office at Kennedy Space Center and Johnson Space Center for their valiant efforts to assist in securing time from their various shuttle communications personnel although they were not available to participate due to major cuts at NASA in the wake of the lost shuttle program. 

There will be a new episode of this multi-part series released each week until the series is finished.

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