Friday, January 13, 2012

Welcome To Our Newest Followers: Readership / Listenership Progress

On January 12th, 2012, a 25th follower / fan subscribed! Thanks to you and those who came just before! Shortwave America exists for the enjoyment of a diverse audience, and all of you are appreciated! If it were not for all of you, Shortwave America would cease to exist.

A time period of three years has brought 48,875 readers! Before anyone knows it, we'll have 1.5 million fans worldwide, wouldn't that be nice? Yes, that is indeed an ambitious statistic to shoot for, but why not strive to achieve it?

Don't forget these items while you're here:

Shortwave America has started the long awaited audio-programming and has recently welcomed "The Look 24/7" where the program will be heard LIVE on Friday and Saturday from 0400UTC to 0900UTC. Details are being finalized with "The Look". A program start date should be announced in the days to come.

If you like Shortwave America, consider supporting us! A multi-tiered membership program brings you extra Shortwave America programming for members only.

Are you a party interested in sponsoring Shortwave America or simply having an advertisement hosted here? We have a sponsor page for those who wish to purchase such a service from us. As an added benefit to you, as of the official start date for our programming at "The Look"; you can approach us for commercial spots on this, and other programs at "The Look 24/7".

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