Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Welcome To "The Look - 24/7"

Something really special has been in the works at Shortwave America. It has come to be expected by all of you that we will only welcome the best of partner stations, and work with those who truly love radio and the ability to communicate with the world at large.

"The Look 24/7" is an internet based radio station featuring personalities with unique styles and good taste. Shortwave America colleague, Chris Freitas is a personality at this station and was the "instigator-in-chief" of this groundbreaking development and announcement.

Shortwave America will air a 4 hour edition of the show on "The Look 24/7"  twice a week.Stay tuned for updates on the first shows and permanent show schedule at The Look 24/7.


Chris Freitas said...

Glad to hear "Shortwave America" will now be on The Look 24/7. If you ever need me to contribute something to the show, or anything let me know.

Shortwave_America said...

Thanks Chris! You might just hear from me!