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Helpful Shortwave Listening Files From ODXA (Ontario DX Association) - ODXA Organization Profile

The Ontario DX Association, or "ODXA" has become a very well formed Shortwave DX enthusiast group since 1974. Read more about ODXA here. The ODXA team is made up of well known people who have been around for decades and / or picked up a love for radio from people in the radio community. Read about the ODXA management team here.

ODXA publishes and freely distributes a very nice magazine called, "Listening In."

One of the best services offered by ODXA is an audio service for those who are vision impaired, and those who are blind. This community service program is called "Listening In On Tape". This program used to be known as "DX Ontario On Tape". Listening In On tape is now entering its 18th year of service.

Here is a direct quote from the ODXA on this program: "
Approximately 60 - 70% of the magazine is taped, including most monthly columns, all classifieds and all special articles. The Target Listening (by country) column is placed onto an additional sixty minute tape twice a year, in April and in November. The only items missing from the original are the advertisements, the mail order form, and the charts that appear in the magazine, the BBC Schedule, USA Survey and the World English Survey."

Anyone wishing to receive our monthly magazine in this form should contact us via mail, e-mail or by phoning 416-297-0449.

Joe Robinson is the person at ODXA who does the recording. 

Now, here are some recent and helpful Shortwave listening files that Shortwave America readers are sure to enjoy: Credit to ODXA for all the hard work. Descriptions of each file originate from the ODXA site.

Programming Matters
Programming is what we listen to on shortwave and this column presents and discusses programs. The presenters of these programs and the stations they speak from are also topics for coverage. We also delve into many other topics to see how radio impacts our lives.

December 2011 PDF File

World English Survey
This chart provides a quick reference to major English language shortwave broadcasts. Provided in a center page spread for easy reference, they supply major broadcasters, frequencies and times.

January 2012 Edition PDF File

February 2012 Edition PDF File

ODXA Media Programs
A listing of programs offering information on DX news, receiver reviews, media features, propagation, satellites, broadcasting trends, amateur radio and the internet.

January 2012 Edition PDF File

February 2012 Edition PDF File

USA Survey
This chart provides a quick reference to US shortwave broadcasts in English; it supplies broadcasters, frequencies, and times.

January 2012 Edition PDF File

February 2012 Edition PDF File

Target Listening
Target Listening provides a guide to where, when and how to hear all radio countries operating on the shortwave bands. Reports from our members and other references are used to compile tips that can assist you to log these countries.

January 2012 Edition (by Country) PDF File
January 2012 Edition (by Time)      PDF File
February 2012 Edition (by Country) PDF File
February 2012 Edition (by Time) PDF File

Your Reports
This column highlights receptions of broadcasting stations between 2 and 30 MHz, as made by ODXA members.

January 2012 Edition PDF File

Beginner's Classroom
This column attempts to explain some aspect of our hobby each month. The subjects may be technical or they may concern such things as DX practices and traditions. Suggestions for topics are always welcome.

January 2012 Edition PDF File

February 2012 Edition PDF File

Speaking of beginner's help for Shortwave and Mediumwave listening, ODXA boasts a very well crafted section geared towards helping those who are just starting out in the hobby. The beginner's section we linked to here has a HUGE collection of links put together by the organization. It's literally a one stop place for all of your new found curiosities. Those who want a refresher course on shortwave / mediumwave listening may also find it helpful.

Helping Hand
Helping Hand is a column that focuses upon questions, advice, assistance and other items of discussion that our readership requires from time to time. This "post-it" column will allow hobbyists to inquire about various aspects of radio listening and receive answers from the readership either directly or through this column.

January 2012 Edition PDF File

February 2012 Edition PDF File

ODXA also has helpful features on their site such as sections called "Click", "Arctic Waves", and "Articles". The "Click" files are "intended to help readers get better acquainted with the World English Survey broadcasters' websites, both as an aid to shortwave listening and as a self-contained media source." - ODXA quote.

"Arctic Waves" gives the "Radio news and stories from Canada's Arctic Region." - ODXA quote.

These last three section of the site that were named have been last updated by ODXA in 2010 and 2011 respectively. ODXA is also the QSL Agent for CFRB(1010 kHz) /CFRX (6070 kHz) in Ontario. Read more about that here.

One more great service offered by ODXA is a MAIL ORDER PROGRAM.
ODXA has a CATALOG PDF File for those interested in purchasing CD's and books.

DXer Harold has kindly allowed ODXA to publish his mailing address for ease of contact for those without computers / internet access. Here is his information for those interested in doing legitimate business with ODXA:

Inquiries: Harold Sellers,
3211 Centennial D., Apt. 23, Vernon, BC V1T 2T8

If you wish, ODXA also accepts Paypal orders.

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