Thursday, January 5, 2012

Amateur Radio Comedy On 160 and 40 meters

No, I'm not referencing some sort of illegal comedy broadcast on these bands. I'm talking about some rather random, yet, funny conversations that took place on the morning of 5 January 2012. W4TMR - (Charles T. Kluttz, Jr.) is known as an educated and thoughtful skeptic who is quite outspoken. Well, W4TMR was heard on two different 160 meter frequencies, namely, 1864.97Khz and 1865.01Khz lower side band; talking about two separate subjects that will leave you crying from laughing so hard! 

Two other good recordings were made on 5 January 2012 involving wild hogs and bear meat, then we just missed a contact made with the corporate owner of Icom but were able to record the result of this conversation. Listen or download below at the links provided. All of these are MP3 files. Please ask before modifying these files for your own use.

W4TMR - Crazy Dreams and Concealed Weapons starts out with W4TMR talking about his crazy dream, and the next station has no idea who to turn the frequency over to. The conversation then turns to concealed weapons on1864.97Khz.

Wild Hogs and Bear Meat 
These guys on 1954.97Khz (160 meters) talk about killing wild hogs and bears, eating bear meat.

Icom Corporate Owner On 40 Meters 
7157.98Khz (7.157.98Mhz). Ignore the tuning on this recording in certain spots, as I had to keep tuning to stay on frequency.

W4TMR re-surfaces with a conversation about taking his wife to the doctor
1865.01 Khz

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