Monday, January 30, 2012

Jerry Taylor - KD0BIK, The "Practical Podcaster"

Please welcome to Shortwave America's "Audio News" archive, Jerry Taylor's "Practical Ham Radio Podcast"! Shortwave America discovered Jerry and his hard work by listening to Ted Randall's QSO Show. Jerry has a really great podcast worth listening to as he presents amateur radio subjects in ways that are easily understood. The Practical Ham Radio Podcast is well done. Jerry has a friendly voice and is quite welcoming. What is unique in Jerry's approach is that he has a motto that is quite needed in radio today. "Creating Elmers One Podcast At A Time". Those who are unfamiliar with the term, "Elmer", that is someone who helps others to learn needed radio skills.

Jerry has two great blogs: KD0BIK's Blog, and KD0BIK's SOTA Blog

Follow KD0BIK on Twitter, visit his fan page on Facebook, or find him on Google+

If you want to find Jerry elsewhere on the net, he has an official website.

Here is Episode 51 of the KD0BIK Practical Ham Radio Podcast.

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