Sunday, January 22, 2012

Happy Chinese New Year! Year of the DRAGON 4710

Last Night in the United States (21 Jan 2012) marked New Year's Eve for China and today is their New Year's Day. In The United States, Chinese New Year's Eve is right now (22 Jan 2012) and tomorrow (23 Jan 2012) is their New Year's Day. China is ahead of U.S. time. Shortwave America would like to pass on best New Year's wishes to our Chinese fans, followers and listeners. May your new year bring you the best of everything!

Here are some links to China Radio International's celebration of Chinese New Year 4710, the Year of The Dragon:

Dragon Dance, Dragon Year

Celebrating The Chinese New Year On Stilts

President Hu Jintao Joins Public To Celebrate New Year

2012 New Year 4710 Movie Season

Beijing's Dragon Year Temple Fairs

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