Monday, September 26, 2011

Chris Freitas: The Battle Over Shortwave Radio, Internet Broadcasting, and How It Shapes Listening Habits

All of you out here take note: A fellow radio professional and colleague has some rather important things to say about the ever changing world of radio. Chris Freitas runs the "Yellow Badge Of Cowardice" over at Wordpress. Chris also holds a B.A. degree in Communications and is an intern at "The Look 24.7", an internet radio station. In his education and his internship, Chris has an inside track on various types of radio broadcasting, and radio communications in general.

Chris was featured on "The Maple Leaf Mailbag" at Radio Canada International on Sept. 25th 2011. You can hear that interview here.

Before going to college, Chris was and still is an avid SWL. There are those of you out here who have seen Chris' radio reviews, and other radio related insights. Many of you may have had a chance to have conversation with Chris. Here is where Chris is different than your average SWL: he doesn't "chase" DX or QSL cards as many others do, though he does send in reception reports; Chris pays attention to content.

So many people just spin the VFO, receive a station for a few seconds, and document whatever details you can and then go back to spinning that VFO. The technical details and behavior of a station is always a relevant item to be interested in, but how many people stop to pay attention to the content? This author has always been interested in both the technical details, propagation, AND CONTENT!

Shortwave stations don't just broadcast so they can receive a ton of e-mailed / snail mail signal reports in this new age of technology. Stations are always glad to be noticed, they are always glad to get reports that tell them where they are being heard and how often because it gives them at least some idea about their listenership, but they are each unique for the focus of their content...what they present for the enjoyment or education of the listening public.

Without any more banter from this publication, let us present you with Chris Freitas' informed article on "Shortwave Radio, Internet Broadcasting, and WHY SWL's Should Use BOTH" This article talks quite poignantly about how all of this comes together to shape listening habits, and the importance of CONTENT.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Media Network Plus Sept. 24th 2011 Weekly and Monthly Editions

Listen to or download the WEEKLY edition of Media Network Plus on WRN HERE
The final weekly September edition of Media Network Plus features Part 2 of a documentary on broadcasting in World War Two with broadcasting legend, Jonathan Marks. The weekly radio propagation forecast is in this edition.

Listen to or download the 55 minute MONTHLY edition of Media Network Plus HERE
The almost hour long monthly edition of Media Network Plus features Jeff White to talk about the just concluded HFCC. American journalist Jocelyn Ford joins Keith in a conversation about what it was like covering the 911 terror attacks in China, and being the ONLY media outlet in China to do so. And much more.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Watch It All On The Radio? That's What Lionel Cartwright Says!

For a slow, relaxing weekend, Shortwave America gives you Lionel Cartwright's "I Watched It All On My Radio"

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Shortwave On The Go: Win a FREE Autographed Shortwave America DVD+R

Shortwave America and PCJ Radio fan, Chris Freitas, listens to his Tecsun portable at the University of Memphis while he completes some work during the course of his day. Chris is listening to 15235Khz in AM mode. Can anyone guess what program he's enjoying? Here's a hint or two to find out: The A-11 AOKI Schedule is your friend! Use UTC time between 1600 and 2245. The first three people to figure it out correctly will get a free autographed DVD+R from Shortwave America.

Media Network Plus Weekly Edition - Sept 17th 2011

This edition of Media Network Plus features Paulette MacQuarrie taking the reins once again and we'll focus on radio communications from World War 2, and how communications in Germany were conducted during this same time period. Also featured is the weekly radio propagation forecast.


Monday, September 19, 2011

Shortwave America - First Podcast Coming Featuring Jerry Bryant of Full Circle

What is Shortwave America doing? That is a GREAT question! Why is the first podcast going to feature Jerry Bryant, a man from a Contemporary Christian Music show? Well, Jerry is a veteran musician and radio broadcaster whose heart and soul is in communicating a family friendly platform that is fun, fresh, and relevant when it comes to giving hope to the world in ever changing times when all we hear about is darkness, destruction, failing economic conditions, and violence.

Full Circle Jesus Music takes people back to the 1970s era when what we know now as Contemporary Christian Music and the radio industry were starting to come into a place of their own as a co-existing body of communications. "Jesus Music" is what it was called then, and it was too spiritual for commercial radio, yet, also too rock n roll for the church. At Full Circle, you will not hear the heavy doomsday messages broadcast at WYFR, and you will not be given a perpetual hard sell on religion.

Jerry focuses on the positive ministry to a person's spirit, and couples this inspirational music with his gift of broadcasting professionally in an hour long show. As our readers know, this publication likes to focus on a diversity of material, presenting it fairly. Without the advance of CCM in the world scene, we might not have much of a choice in what we get to listen to or what musicians across the world get to create. The first Shortwave America podcast is in the process of being put together. Until it is ready, let's take a look at what Jerry Does at Full Circle so you have a chance to become familiar with Jerry and his show. Here's a video from January of 2011:

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Fun radio station from Canada.

Not too long ago a listener of Happy Station Show in Canada wrote me to tell me about a station he thought I would enjoy. Well he certainly knows my music taste. The station is CJNU in Winnipeg, Manitoba. They broadcast using 50watts on 107.9fm. The station has a special events license from Industry Canada. What I enjoyed about the station first is the music format. Many years ago when I was still living in Canada there was a station, which is now long gone called CFCF 600am. If you like Ray Conniff, Gordon Lightfoot, Beatles, Frank Sinatra, Peggy Lee, Sarah Vaughn, James Last, Dean Martin ect! You will enjoy listening to them.

What is also amazing about the station is you will get to hear some very well known names from radio past in Winnipeg. One of my favorite announcers is Susan Hamilton. She reminds me of an announcer I would listen to years ago from a station in Boston, Mass. She does not come from a broadcasting background, but you would think she has been doing it all her life. Another time slot I would suggest you listen to is from 1400UTC to 1700UTC with Gren Marsh. He started in radio in 1949. You can also hear his sons with him on air.

The music format is fun because despite the fact the station is really targeting an audience of 50+, in many parts of the world in Germany, England, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Australia and Japan this music tends to attract an audience of under 40. In the Netherlands AVRO the public broadcaster have a daily program called Toppers van Toen presented by my good friend Jan Steeman started off years ago as a program for the 50+, but that has changed now. In the last 5 years his audience has been getting younger. So it's like the old saying. If you keep that suit in your closet long enough it comes back in fashion.

Keith Perron

Radio In World War 2 - Mike Scanlan Speaks

From the Youtube user statelibraryqld - "A story about radio training and usage during World War II by John Scanlan. This is a Storylines Q150 digital story. This digital story was made by the State Library of Queensland with funding from the Queensland Government.  It is a legacy of the Q150 celebrations in 2009."

Saturday, September 17, 2011

BBC Comedy - Do You Speak English?

Shortwave America is taking the weekend off in preparation for a couple of new pieces here that is sure to keep you informed AND entertained. In the meantime, please enjoy a comedy clip from the BBC called "Do You Speak English?"

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Studio 1430-AM KEZW, Fogg In The Cockpit

KEZW is a gem of a broadcast station in the U.S. due to its content focus performed properly in the context of what the early to mid 1900s were. KEZW truly presents a real flavor of what life was like in these times. Below, you will see their schedule posted so you can see the valuable offerings this station goes to great lengths to keep alive.

Mon-Fri 6-11am ... Rick Crandall's Breakfast Club
Mon-Fri 11am-1pm ... Studio Lunch Break
Mon-Tue-Thur 1-6pm & Fri 1-5pm ... Afternoons with Wayne Yaffee
Mon-Tue-Thur-Fri 6-7pm ... When Radio Was
Mon-Tue-Thur-Fri 7-10pm ... Nights with Steve Edwards
Wed 1-5pm ... Afternoons with Wayne Yaffee
Wed 5-7pm ... Warren Byrne's Restaurant Show
Wed 7-8pm ... When Radio Was
Wed 8-10pm ... Nights with Steve Edwards
Fri 5-6pm ... The Player's Lounge
Mon-Fri 10pm-6am ... Studio 1430 Night Sounds
Sat 5-7am ... Paid Programming
Sat 7-9am... Ask The Garden Pros with Jim & Keith
Sat 9am-Noon ... Warren Byrne's Restaurant Show
Sat Noon-1pm ... Randy's Auto Show
Sat 1-2pm ... Departure Time Travel Show
Sat 2-3pm ... Paid Programming
Sat 3-4pm ... Money In Motion
Sat 4-6pm ... KEZW Music
Sat 6-7pm ... Star Spangled Radio Hour
Sat 7-9pm ... Sounds of Sinatra
Sat 8pm-Sun 5am ... Studio 1430 Night Sounds
Sun 5-7am ... Paid Programming
Sun 7-7:30am ... Studio 1430 Timeless Music
Sun 7:30-8:00am ... Mormon Tabernacle Choir
Sun 8am-Noon ... Favorites with Steve Edwards
Sun Noon-2pm ... Big Band Jump
Sun 2-4pm ... Studio 1430 Timeless Music
Sun 4-6pm ... KEZW Music
Sun 6-8pm ... Radio Deluxe with John Pizzarelli
Sun 6pm-6am ... Studio 1430 Night Sounds

After you get to listen to this great station, don't forget the program as pictured below:

Early this morning, KEZW performed an interview with Rich Fogg, who co-authored the book, "Fogg In The Cockpit" by Janet Fogg, Rich's wife.

Janet is a talented Author with an intelligent mind and also happens to be very personable. You can learn more about Janet and Rich by clicking on this link.

CW Numbers Station On 5900Khz

This link will take you to a download of a CW numbers station transmitting on 5900Khz sometime between 0400UTC and 0530UTC today.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Shortwave America Remembers 9-11: TEN YEAR ANNIVERSARY

Shame on the leaders of New York City for refusing to remember their emergency responders today, for telling them they are not welcome because they want to make room for petty politicians. Shame on those in positions of power nationwide who have shut out other people who held positions in the Public Safety profession. Have you forgotten? Have you forgotten the spirit of friendly community? There are thousands, millions even, who want to gather for the purpose of remembering a national tragedy and being what community should be.

Shortwave America and its business partners, supporters, and readers DO remember!

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Media Network Plus - September 3rd 2011

LISTEN or DOWNLOAD HERE for the weekly edition of Media Network Plus, including the weekly propagation forecast.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

PCJ Pilot Program - SWL Media Dxers Network Digest World Unlimited Of Radio

Just the other day when someone from the secret service was going through the PCJ and Shortwave America archives, they came across a PCJ pilot show that never aired. A few years back we had the idea to bring together 4 names in international broadcasting for a new series of show. But from the start there was a problem. First the name of the show. No one could agree! 

SWLMEDIADXERSNETWORKDIGESTWORLDUNLIMITEDOFRADIO. The show was produced and presented by Ian McFarland, and Jonathan Marks with a special open forum chat about radio between Glenn Hauser and Arnie Coro.

Please note this is only a parody. WE have great respect for these men and the contributions they made to broadcasting