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Have You Forgotten? A Tribute To The Heroes Of 9-11-01

Faithful readers may have noticed that there was no article written on this site for 9-11-2010. That is because this author spent that day with family remembering that day nine years ago when our country lost thousands of innocent lives, and the lives that are still being lost due to incurable illness caused to the paid and volunteer emergency responders upon inhaling toxic materials at Ground Zero.

The heaviness, terror, and confusion of 9-11-01 will not be forgotten by this author. There are many untold stories of this tragic event as it affected major cities beyond the four points of impact. There are those people who worked in private industry as Security & Public Safety Professionals at major points of interest in major cities that were possible or confirmed targets of this national day of mourning. Until all flights were grounded, and the only aircraft in the skies were those belonging to the United States Armed Forces, no one knew for sure how many more aircraft could possibly be involved.

This author was one of those people charged with the security & safety of a known terror target in Chicago, Il. in a Command position. While I cannot publicly give sensitive details about operations on that day, I can tell you that none of us knew if we were going home alive, much less what more to expect. This author has a family member who was in the U.S. Armed Services and called into emergency response on 9-11-01.

Although there was an entry on this site previous to 9-11-10 about the N3U Special Memorial Amateur Station, it is only fitting that the last day of this month be closed out at Shortwave America in tribute to the lives lost, those dying from illness caused during performance of emergency duties, those living on in perpetual mourning caused by traumatic loss of loved ones, and the Amateur Radio Operators who kept communications up when Police, Fire, and other Public Safety Systems were non-existant.

In remembrance of:
American Airlines Flight 11, United Airlines Flight 175, American Airlines Flight 77, and United Flight 93

All of the United States Armed Services Members who have been permanently injured and those who gave their lives defending our homeland in the war against terror!

All of the families who lost their Mothers, Fathers, Sons, Daughters, Brothers, Sisters, Aunts, Uncles, Cousins, and other family members serving their country!

CNN Presents: A 9/11 Memorial Tribute with indexed list of souls lost

9-11-01 Wikipedia Entry

Official FDNY 9-11 Tribute Page 

Official NYPD Fallen Officers Page (scroll down to see list of Officers lost on 9-11-01)

"9-11-01, This is Not A Test" - QST Magazine Article Detailing The Amateur Radio Response To 9-11-01
You will need Adobe Reader for the QST article, as it is a PDF File.

Amityville Record Archive Article:  KA2D "Top Gun," Tom Carrubba receives award on behalf of 800 or more Amateur Operators for providing emergency communications on 9-11-01  

Those who survived 9/11/01 regardless of who you are, your occupation, age, race, ethnicity, religion, social or political preference.

Those who suffer in any way from having  witnessed the events of 9-11-01 unfold. Don't be blinded or numbed by the media footage, for it was not violence for the sake of sensationalism, it was the footage of innocent people from all walks of life becoming heroes, all except for the cowards who became mass murderers on that day. It IS historical footage of real evidence that will prove that we as a nation survived 9-11-01 and that we rose again from those tragic ashes.

The hundreds, possibly thousands of Amateur Radio Operators who passed traffic, performed net control duties, and performed other needed tasks beyond the communications scope. You performed your service to the nation in a heroic fashion!  

On 9-11-01, America's enemies learned two things: America will not bow to terrorism at any time, and we will not forget!

Have YOU forgotten?

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Shortwave America Special Focus: Shabnam Assadollahi - How Will Iran Fare Under Sanctions? (Part Two Of A Three Part Series)

In the first part of this series focusing on the control of the Iran government over it's people in the context of communications, Shortwave America interviewed Shabnam Assadollahi of Radio Hamseda aired weekly at CHIN Radio Canada. This second installment in a three part special focus on the condition in Iran and how a lack of freedom to receive and send communications impacts the people of that region, brings Shabnam Assadollahi back again as a guest writer with an interview of Dr. Mehrdad Emadi, Senior Economic Advisor to the European Union. This is a key piece in telling the world, as well as those interested in world communications into and out of Iran what the road to economic growth will look like for business to flourish in Iran, and what it means for Iran altogether.

Without the leadership making the right decisions, without the proper economic growth, there can be no freedom for anyone; just a slave-master relationship in which the people suffer at the hands of an unrepentant regime. Without further delay, Shortwave America Presents Shabnam Assadollahi in her guest role for this series: 
Interview with Dr. Mehrdad Emadi, Senior Economic Advisor to the European Union
Translated by : Aita Eraani
Hamseda Radio, CHIN Ottawa
~~~ How will Iran fare under the yoke of Sanctions? ~~~
Host, Shabnam Assadollahi – Welcome to our program Dr. Emadi.
Mehrdad Emadi – Thank you, I'm glad to have another opportunity to speak with you and your listeners.
Shabnam – Our listeners have called in from all over the globe with questions for you and they are tuned in now for this important discussion.  The first question is: Given the stiffling sanctions and the expansion of doing business with the private sector, do you think it would be possible now to reduce people's financial dependence on the regime and maybe even abolish this slave-master relationship between the government and the people?

Mehrdad Emadi – Yes, anytime the main goal for the economic growth allows a space for the private sector to expand beyond the fields of government control; the short term effects of that would catapult the private sector into a gradual growth process that can help it move from always depending on the government, to a self reliant, productive and job producing entity that can instead generate revenues for the government by paying taxes.  Therefore, we can transform the system from the slave-master condition – as accurately described by your listener – into a carrier of regulations willing and able to pay the cost of the regulations, as exemplified by the behavior of more developed countries.

Host – The next question.  Rather than a gradual pressure, is it possible to apply an economic shock so as to eliminate the chance for regime's capitulation as well as to reduce the consequences on ordinary people; since the gradual pressures in the last 30 years have not been effective?

Mehrdad Emadi – Well, yes, there is that hesitation about whether or not to enforce the sanctions in a sudden and physical move, bringing all trade of merchandise and financial transactions to a halt; or to apply them in a step by step manner in order to show the regime that continuing its behavior can only increase the cost of the sanctions.  Of course an economic shock would initially have a stronger effect and it will show the regime that the situation is serious; besides, the administrators of the sanctions intend to impose maximum limitations on Iran.

However, since we are utilizing the best non-military and most effective tool we have, there is no reason to worry.  This is to some degree against the diplomatic language the EU wishes to use.  We do not wish to adopt a confrontational manner, but rather a methodology that can effect change in the behavior of the regime.  And should we see that change in behavior, we are very much willing to normalize the relations.  I also must point out that the strong and sudden move with the sanctions, right from the beginning, will make it easier for the regime to drop the sudden and huge cost on the people in one fell swoop.  The step by step and gradual application of pressures will also serve as a message to Iran's leaders that it is them who are forcing us to make such moves that are necessary to protect our own economic and geographic security.
We can already see that the Iranians are assessing and recognizing the source of the problem as their own leaders, whose illogical behavior has put their country at, adds with the rest of the world.
Host – The next question also presented by a listener from inside Iran asks: "Since much of Iran's current imports of products come from the neighboring countries, particularly the United Arab Emirates; how close and precise is the EU's observation of these trades?"

Mehrdad Emadi – This is an excellent question.  We do know that over the last six months, the rate of trade between Iran and UAE, as opposed to the EU, has doubled; meaning that it has gone from direct to indirect and through middle men and brokers.  As for having these trades under a microscope, the sanctions are no longer administered solely by the EU and the US.  There are now several nations involved in overseeing of proper management and application of the sanctions, through a collaborative effort.  These tri-level sanctions are strongly affecting the country's foreign trade, as confirmed by the Bazaaris and the merchants we have spoken with.

First, we look at all the banking and financial transactions, more specifically at what bank accounts and what trade credits are being used which reveals the type of activity and, or the intention behind it.  The second level investigates all imported merchandise by others, a historical record of which - particularly in the case of the UAE – shows the average annual volume of imported industrial products.  And any excess to that trend, would point at purchases made from Iran, as our natural conclusion.  The third level provides the easiest audit trail; and that is all the ships at sea, the point of origin of which is known to us.  This quickly reveals the two sides of the deal which is now even easier to recognize due to the wide range of cooperating nations.  A review of the ships' records can tell us whether one side is merely a broker functioning on behalf of the Iranian banks or the Sepaah itself; or the main part and parcel in the deal.  This means that all cargo upon unloading at the UAE or any port in the southern Persian Gulf would be subject to inspections; which can also lead to two other major issues.  One is the substantial increase in the cost of shipments between Iran and the UAE, and the other, the increasing reluctance of the international insurance companies in providing coverage for such shipments.

Host – Which would also take their toll on social and economic lives of the people; should the sanctions continue this trend.  Let me ask you this: How have the sanctions affected the regime so far and how will they in the future?

Mehrdad Emadi – A cursory review of all the statements made on the subject, by the office of the president and the Parliament alike, shows a relentless denial and dismissal of the impact or effectiveness of the sanctions.  However, in reality, regime officials in their discussions in private meetings with the members of the Parliament or the merchants, or the recently formed special committee for resisting the impact of sanctions, or even the various committees within the framework of the Parliament whose function is to control the impact of the sanctions in order to minimize the economic turmoil; prove that these government officials are fully aware of the impact of the sanctions.  Even the situation with the Iranian banks and merchants whose regime-related bank accounts were recently frozen by European authorities; and even the two banks currently under a microscope for having violated the sanctions; has made the regime realize the seriousness of the issue facing the regime as a whole.

The continuity of Iran's foreign trade and the very strength of the regime itself ride on this issue, especially an economy so heavily dependent on Imports, particularly in the area of industrial goods.  Almost 88% of Iran's industrial production depends on the imported unfinished goods.  They are fully aware of this fact. Weekly reports from the factories reflect a continuous drop in production as a direct result of reduction in imports.  Therefore, the government's denial of the sanctions' impact is completely disingenuous.

As I've always said, even though the regime's analytical views, its values and beliefs are vastly different from ours; but it's not stupid; and its conclusive analysis of the outcome of economic market performance is the same as ours.  They are aware of the deep and far reaching impact of the sanctions.  The production of oil/gas alone in the next 6 months will be almost crippled as all the tools, such as power compressors, pumps, and other instruments necessary for production, are becoming increasingly difficult to obtain.  And these two are the main sources of revenue, making up over 85% of Iran's income.  And thus we conclude that the effects of the sanctions have been enormous, both on the people and on the regime.

Host – Of course, they must have affected the Sepaah's foreign policy, the most.

Mehrdad Emadi - Yes, in fact prior to aiming at the banking system and the Oil/Gas industry, the sanctions' main target was the Sepaah; so the impact on them is most noticeable.  Those bank accounts recently seized in Germany and those in Austria belonged to certain private citizens who had taken over the management of these accounts from the Sepaah and these individuals and entities are totally crippled now.  In my recent talks with several Iranian merchants in Belgium, Hamburg and Munich, they confided in me that their business activities have reached a near total halt and if this trend continues, they will soon have no choice but to lay off their staff, and shut down the business and maybe even sell the buildings they own.  They said they are unable to just continue absorbing the cost of doing business when such gloomy news about the imminent darkening of foreign trade is looming over head.  This is why I think the businesses owned by the Sepaah or those infiltrated by them, are facing harsher impacts of the sanctions, than those authentically owned by the private sector.

Host – Let's return to the question about Iranian merchant doing business outside Iran and their future.  This was also a question posed by a listener in Iran.

Mehrdad Emadi -   Yes, this is a legitimate concern, as there are those innocent ordinary people paying a price here, while they have had no involvement in the creation of this problem and the decisions that have brought us to this point.  There are also others who are paying a price here.  There are merchants who had been working for years in various capacities of facilitating Iran's foreign trade, either directly operating as a merchant, or simply managing certain affairs from handling government contracts to translating documents.  And then there were those who strictly had side businesses such as contacting the merchants inside and facilitating the sales or purchases of certain products for which they felt there was a market in Iran.

Something that is troubling me personally as an Iranian is that many of these merchants who had spent 20, 30 years establishing their businesses; but left totally paralyzed, over a few short months.  For example, a prominent merchant of industrial goods, currently living in Germany, whom I had recently spoken with, told me that his business has suffered a 75% drop.  Another one in London told me just last week that over 90% of his business activity has come to a halt and when he requested a line of credit in order to open a new line of business with the UAE, the bank refused to extend credit to him, solely based on his Iranian background.  People like these merchants whose works have been completely free of any political ties; essentially belong outside the parameters of the sanctions.  However, since the Sepaah has infiltrated every sector of Iran's economy, then the sanctions by default apply to all Iran related trade, until every business is investigated and proven to be either connected to the Sepaah or functioning independently.  This is why so many private businesses are also suffering because all banking operations involving trade with Iran are currently closed, in an effort to prevent potential new fictitious businesses and the regime's attempts at circumventing the sanctions.

At this point in time, all merchants' and entities' efforts to continue their economic lives, are under heavy scrutiny, and should these sanctions last for two more years, we might witness total closure or even bankruptcy of over 50% of all Iranian merchants outside the country.

Host – We ask our last question which you pretty much answered in your last remarks.  It also comes from the inside.  How do you see the future of the private sector inside Iran, within the framework of militarization of the economy?

Mehrdad Emadi – See, all these issues are interconnected.  If we look at the combination of factors: The price paid by the merchants in Diaspora, and the significant reduction in business of the merchants inside the country, as well as the ever increasing share of the Sepaah from all sectors of the economy; from construction, to oil and gas production, to energy, industrial productions, transportation, communication and every area of our economy; the more careful implementation of the sanctions, will cover every corner of the private sector.

Unfortunately the truly independent private business that lacks access to vast financial resources and the powerful disposition of the regime that can and will circumvent the sanctions and avoid paying taxes; therefore, the private business will suffer the cost.

Based on our analyses of 2-3 months ago, we believe that over the next 12 months, the private sector will see a 35-55% drop in its activities.  In comparison, during a full blown war in any country, the private sector would typically lose about 40-50% of its income in the first year of war.  This proves the degree of the adverse effects of Sepaah's influence in the economy and its dire consequence on the genuinely and authentically private sector that is totally independent of the government.  We may be reaching a point where in the next 3-4 years we could be witnessing the demise of an economic force with 300-400 years of active and productive history in Iran. 

Host – And again the heaviest blow is felt by the people.  These are extremely painful days, politically, economically, and socially; we are going through very difficult times.  In conclusion, do you wish to add anything?

Mehrdad Emadi – The only thing I would like to add, whenever stress, whenever given a chance, is that the sanctions are not desired by the European Union: nor are they desired by Japan, Korea, Australia or Canada.  The sanctions are the direct result of the wrong policies adopted by the leadership in Iran which is only increasing the daily cost paid by the people of Iran.  Iranians should analyze this for themselves and determine if this cost is justified in anyway, and if not, maybe the time has come to make a wise examination of their lives and to make dramatic amends in the way the country relates to the rest of the world...
Link to Persian:
Part three of this special focus will combine an interview between Dr. Hamid Akbari, David Kilgour, and Mehrdad Emadi, Senior Economic Adviser to the EU with the Author of Shortwave America.

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Shortwave America Special Focus: Shabnam Assadollahi - Broadcasting For Freedom

Not very long ago this publication posted a brief piece about Shabnam Assadollahi, a Canadian radio broadcaster who focuses on human rights violations in Iran. In the first post about radio Hamseda, SWA said that a working relationship would be pursued with Shabnam with the idea of getting her show put on international airwaves, and that relationship has been put into motion.

Over the course of  several weeks, Shabnam has been so kind as to spend her time corresponding with Shortwave America about her show, Radio Hamseda. Shabnam has shared with this publication    generously, graciously, openly, and with great happiness.

Shabnam is a woman of great heart with fiery passion, tempered evenly in great concern for compassion.
First, a few facts about Shabnam so that the audience can become aquainted with her as SWA moves into the hours, days, and weeks of conversation had with Canada's own host of  Hamseda Radio.

Shabnam states a great concern for the state of communications, freedom to communicate, and the impact it has on Iran which results in an impact far outside of Iran. "I'm not a politician" she says; all I want to do is play a part in helping to bring freedom to people who have done nothing wrong, and have no reason to be oppressed." "The expression & flow of different views & ideas is part of what makes democracy." "Radio is the absolute greatest medium the public has, my heart is there for people of all walks of life because that's what freedom means, Iranians are human beings & I am into letting people have the right to be human."
Here are just the beginning of the many questions asked by SWA:

Could you tell Shortwave America where and how the show started?

Do Iranians have access to shortwave radio or other types of media and how restricted their access is?

How did your dream of using radio to defend human rights start?

When did you start pursuing it? How did you pursue it?

These questions are answered in the text below:

Shabnam Assadollahi is an active member of the Community.

Has utilized her personal and educational experiences to promote the well being and re-settlement of the immigrants and refugees from different cultural backgrounds in their new home, Canada.

As a young immigrant to Canada, she worked for "Trans World Radio" which is a Christian Broadcasting Org.; her programs were aired into Iran, Tajikistan, Afghanistan, and reached millions.

She is not only the host of  Hamseda, but also the Producer.

Radio Hamseda is a Persian Language Radio program on CHIN radio International heard in the Nation’s (Canada's) Capital and beyond with simulcast via internet with listeners throughout the world.

In the past, Shabnam has worked with Victim Assistance Services of Ottawa-Carleton. She was also executive board member/advocate and the treasurer of several organizations that focus on defending the rights of people against ethnic & racial discrimination.  

Shabnam sits on the board of "Neda For a Free Iran" a human rights NGO.

Approximately, 12,000 Iranians and 7,000 Afghans live in Ottawa and the area. "Hamseda" started in 2003 under CHIN International Radio CJLL 97.9 FM and is aired every Sunday live in Ottawa from 11:00 AM to 1:00 P.M. EST. Radio Hamseda just aired their 357th Live episode in September 2010.

Shabnam tells Shortwave America the following:
She doesn't get paid to do Radio Hamseda. Shabnam makes her money from serving those in need as an employee of a non-profit organization. According to the 2006 Census Data, over 121,000 residing in Canada self-identified their Iranian heritage. Like other ethnic groups that form the vibrant fabric of our country, Iranian-Canadians are contributing members of society and are working hard to form a new life in Canada.

At the same time, the brutality of the Islamic Republic of Iran – which the world has witnessed over the past few months and which the international community, including Canada, has strongly condemned – remains at physical distance but so close to the hearts of the Iranian settlers of Canada. This is such that they have come to cherish values that are Canadian, democratic values, and refuse to accept autocratic rule by coercion. The Canada Iranians care about their place of descent and for those who continue to live there.
As human beings they refuse to turn a blind eye to human rights violations in Iran.

Over the past 12 months, through the cries of the youth in Iran – these brave individuals who are being slaughtered ruthlessly by a regime that refuses to accept its defeat – we have heard a new message: that the political apparatus in Iran does not represent its people. In this context and regardless of their ethnic background, Canadians have stood in solidarity with Iranians, who now more than ever are striving to gain freedom, basic human rights, dignity and right to choose their representatives. The Government of Canada, as a champion and an advocate of democracy as well as human rights, both at home and in troubled corners of the planet, must do more, and we can.

As a Canadian/Iranian, I believe that we CAN do more! Moreover, that not only CAN we do more, but we MUST do more! We cannot turn a blind eye to over 30 years of injustice, to the cries of a people who are being oppressed, raped, tortured and murdered through the most brutal means (e.g., by stoning, public hangings, setting a flame), to the rights of women being denied and treated as second-class citizens, and for violations of the rights of a child (e.g., forced into wars, hard labour, sex trade, and executed by the State).

As Canadians, we are respected for our integrity, for upholding freedom, justice and democracy as principle foundations of our society, with a vibrant background yet a harmonious coexistence. We can play an important role in advocating democracy in Iran through education – for education is revolution.

Shabnam further tells Shortwave America that the Islamic regime is holding events disguised as diplomatic, cultural events but these are really publicity stunts to cover for the gross violation of human rights in Iran. "As long as the regime shows two faces, and keeps living a lie, the people of Iran will never see a democracy. For democracy to happen, we do not need a war with Israel or for America to come and blow Iran to bits, so Iran can end up like another Iraq or another Afghanistan." "Recently, an Iranian Canadian who blogged was arrested and the regime is seeking capital punishment for him simply because he openly expressed his views. That is not democracy."
SWA Asks: Are Iranian citizens limited to what they can hear, and how they can communicate?

Currently, there are limited sources for information that Iranians rely on. The Iranian state televisions are the regimes mouthpiece, bombarding the society with continued propaganda. They keep the society misinformed, spread the message of hate (both inside and outside of Iran), hail brutal acts of terrorism, and effectively support the regime to cling on power. They have also served as a means to divide a society based on economic, ethnic and religious lines. Outside of Iran, private satellite stations have their own political agenda and biases, increasing the confusion that the domestic state television stations are already serving. The Islamic regime is quite aware of radio broadcasters.

SWA Asks: Are shortwave radios or two way radio communications difficult for Iranian citizens to obtain and use in their homes?

Shabnam says: Just about every home in Iran has a shortwave radio and it is part of the daily routine in most homes to listen. However, the Islamic regime jams many stations such as VOA & BBC. BBC's signal has increased so much since the jamming started, that the regime has an extremely hard time coming over them. More experimentation with satellite radio, and satellite television is happening, but some of those stations are being jammed too. BBC has a program on television in Iran that lasts only a few hours. You can bet that the Islamic regime is also watching every move broadcasters make. Most all of the stations Iranians hear are from broadcasts originating outside of Iran. 

You can forget about using two way communications in Iran according to Shabnam. This comment came about after SWA made the observation that other than a few sporadic contacts with Israel & India, amateur operators last had contact with King Hussien of Jordan during his time on this earth as JY1.
Shabnam's words have proven to be true, per the Amateur Radio Society Of Iran where we see that using modern technology to communicate is extremely difficult due to the factors spoken of in the club's history.

Shortwave America also asked these questions:

For those of us who have never traveled to Iran, and have only a limited understanding of the culture and people, can you tell us about the reality of everyday life in Iran and how the suppression of communication affects everyone there?

Why does the Islamic regime insist on such restrictive practices when it comes to radio & television? What are they afraid of?

Why is it that shariah law means so much to the Iranian Government and how can the public tell the difference between propaganda lies and broadcasters being truthful?

In many countries around the world, all people hear about on their radio stations is about the violent side of Iran, and this gives a certain image which would tend to spread Islamophobia and fear of middle eastern people which is wide reaching. Can you tell us about different Islamic practices, beliefs, culture and how it translates in the context of communications?

Where do you see the entire middle east region heading in the context of radio, free exchange of ideas, and free expression of views?

What roles does Iran play in all of this in the context of their influence on other Islamic leadership in the middle east, and what do you think it will take to bring about the free exchange of communications, beliefs, and ideas?

How can existing shortwave broadcast stations help this cause? What could they do, how could they do it, and would it make a positive impact for bringing a free radio broadcasting community?

Shabnam stated that she has lived in Canada for so long now that it would be difficult for her to really give a good answer to these questions with any honest insight, and referred Shortwave America to to three sources whom would be better suited to speak on these topics. This author is awaiting interviews with these sources which will be published in a third installment of this special focus. These sources will be named at the end of part two of this series.   

Hamseda is a very popular and respected show with a great range of audience. Please visit our website to see our team of professionals and "about us"page@ the Radio Hamseda Facebook Page

Shabnam has a message for other Canadian broadcasters:
As freelance and independent Persian radio program producers/hosts in Canada, you may be interested to further brainstorm in how we can propose to the Government of Canada to support Iranians by making a medium for objective and transparent information possible.

In part two of this series, Shabnam Assadollahi becomes a guest here with her interview of  Dr. Mehrdad Emadi, Senior Economic Advisor to the European Union.

All photos in this article are Copyright 2010, Shabnam Assadolahi / Radio Hamseda, All Rights Reserved, Used By Permission.

Man & Son Tattoo Radio Station Logo On Foreheads

The man in this photo is David Johnathan Winkleman. Mr. Winkleman and his Son heard a radio station offer a cash reward for listeners who tattoo the station's logo on their forehead. Mr. Winkleman and son went along with the scheme, and then Winkleman was arrested. The photo above is from Winkleman's mug shot from his booking process.

See the story at the UK Daily Mail   

The radio station then changed their frequency & format after the stunt by the DJ's.

Update: Shortwave America beat ABC 7 to the punch on covering this story by almost a full hour! 

Video Of Professional Tower Climbers Causes Controversy

Some people love radio enough that they make it their life. Professional tower climbers who work in broadcast engineering have very detailed training to perform their tasks, which can sometimes send them to industrial antenna towers as high as 1,800 feet. Tall tower climbing is a specialty in this career field. The rules for awareness and worker safety while in the actual performance of work assignments are stiff, carrying fines for violations and can sometimes call for immediate termination.

Osha regulates this career field as it does many others. Below the text of this article is a YouTube video showing professional tall tower climbers as they make their way up a tower standing higher than the Sears Tower, including antenna height! 1, 768 feet to be precise! A group of professional engineers have a discussion going on the topic of this video, posting this same video at their site and giving good insight on the differences between modern radio towers and older models of towers that do not allow OSHA regs to be followed exactly to the letter due to the construction anomalies of these older towers.

See the discussion at

This video was originally pulled from YouTube and internet circulation, but then re-posted when the originator of the video decided to allow it back on the net again.

Last year, a family of amateur radio operators were killed while attempting to erect their amateur radio antenna when they were electrocuted by high voltage contact with commercial electric lines. This video is a good reminder that any of us who play with radios, electrical current/voltage, electronic components, feedlines and antennas should always remember that it pays to be cautious!

WARNING!!!! Those who are afraid of heights, have sensitivities / phobias, or serious medical conditions should not watch this video. No one who chooses to watch this video should ever attempt to do any of what is shown in this video. This is not a stunt, and these tower climbers are not actors. Attempting this without proper training and safeguards could result in severe, permanent injury and DEATH. 

The / presents a Nuts and Bolts "We Know Radio" production: 

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Who Says Radio Is Dying?

Based on the high, and constantly growing number of people reading this publication on a daily & weekly basis; based on watching the most popular radio forums and the level of participation happening, radio enthusiasts can rest assured that radio is not dying! The demographic of participants in the Licensed Amateur ranks and SWL circles has simply changed with the times.

The Shortwave America links section pertaining to Shortwave Radio websites has grown over the weekend. Before adding any new links, SWA checks the sites to ensure accuracy of information, that the sites are up to date, that it provides something valuable for public use, and that it actually has some sort of acceptable participation. If any of these elements are missing, this publication looks at the site for historical value.

Shortwave America welcomes: On The Shortwaves - with an excellent history of shortwave radio, Hard Core DX, HF Skeds, with their station listing by type feature, Transmitter Documentation Project,, Clandestine Radio Watch, and Koshko with an excellent site! In the Popular Discussions links list, Shortwave America welcomes The FRN Vine! More and more pirate broadcasters are asking that reports be sent either to HF Underground or FRN.

Be sure to visit those sites in the SWA links listings, they really appreciate the traffic just the same as Shortwave America enjoys and appreciates the traffic from all of you who read! Before this article comes to an end, please note that Shortwave America wants your comments! The comments sections are wide open without moderation unless the article is more than 14 days old. This is to ensure that old subjects don't get re-hashed unless absolutely needed, but be sure your comments on those articles more than 14 days old will be reviewed and published unless it does not meet with the simple, but few rules posted in the comments section. The comment decorum rules are self explanatory, short, and simple so as to allow for readers to feel comfortable posting.

Shortwave America IS NOT LIKE QRZ or other restrictive interactive message boards! One more thing before closing this article out....SWA was sorry to hear Crystal Ship getting crushed by QRN and bad propagation this past evening! Maybe you need to turn up the juice boys! We love hearing ya out here!

Have a great week everyone!    

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Amateur Radio Emergency Service Celebrates 75th Anniversary

The Amateur Radio Emergency Service, an organization of the ARRL (American Radio Relay League) is celebrating seventy five years of service to communities all over the United States in combined, unified relationship with emergency service departments at local, state, and federal levels. Often combined with RACES, and mistaken for the same agency which is separate from the ARRL. ARES has also been known to combine their abilities cooperatively with Skywarn, SET Exercizes, and other emergency response activities focusing dually on preparedness & real life response capability. The Public Safety agencies ARES works with are known as "served agencies".

To see more about ARES and the good ARES has done all over the U.S., please see the ARES E-Letters.

The RACES link above will help the public to understand the differences between ARES & RACES, the level of training RACES requires, and will point out the fact that RACES is a U.S. Government Agency whereas ARES is not. More information defining RACES is available here.

Some ARES members will tend to carry ARES Identification Cards, which are NOT issued by the ARRL, as the ARRL only issues general membership ID Cards. Some ARES volunteers are active with an Emergency Management Agency either as a secondary activity to legitamize their ARES activities while others join because it is a condition for being an ARES member in some jurisdictions.

ARES History:
The Amateur Radio emergency Service has been known in the past as the ARRL Emergency Corps and the War Emergency Radio Service back during World War Two when amateur radio in the U.S. was sidelined by U.S. Congress. During this time, licensed amateurs were ordered to stop amateur radio operations. In 1945, the ARRL was successful in pressuring Congress to re-authorize amateur radio again.

ARES Wikipedia Entry

ARRL Emergency Communications Programs

ARRL Sections

ARES Manual

ARRL Field Organization Structure

ARRL Public Service Programs

Although there are ARES members who are well focused, with big hearts and have the correct concept in mind, never operating outside of their responsibility; others will take it too far and add flashing lights / sirens, and all sorts of other accessories to their vehicles. One company makes "Amateur Radio ID Cards" with a copy of the operator's FCC license on it and a real looking bar code. One other company makes a gold "Amateur Radio Badge" that looks like a real life police shield.

Before clicking on the links provided in this next section of this article, please be advised that you may encounter adult language and suggestive terms that a person could find objectionable.

To keep everything in balanced perspective while providing the public and the amateur radio community with the humorous side of blunders made by ARES volunteers, Hamsexy has created the popular term "Whacker" or "Wacker" which is the popular radio jargon for an amateur operator who goes too far with their emergency volunteer identity. Hamsexy has created the "Whacker Alert Archive". Hamsexy made itself famous again in more recent times when they published a photograph of a pair of white underwear with the RACES and ARES logos on them.

Over the past many years, ARES has for the most part become irrelevant due to better emergency radio systems being purchased by municipal emergency departments. RACES is still in existance, although no more RACES licenses are being issued. ARES also has a cooperative history with the United States Military Auxillary Radio Service (MARS) and SHARES, which is another U.S. Government emergency radio communications service that only MARS members can join.

Congradulations to the ARRL on their 75th anniversary of ARES!      

Friday, September 24, 2010

China Radio International Censor Tape

Nothing says censorship like a radio station that gets it's orders from the Chinese Government! SWA has it on good authority that the staff of CRI are great people who are forced to take totalitarian orders from a communist government who can't see daylight from twilight.

China Radio International has an "emergency tape" with several back-up copies in case an on-air personality says something that the Chinese Communist Party doesn't like. This emergency censor tape was released for the first time at PCJ Media. Listen HERE 

Since this tape is missing now, CRI more than likely has another emergency program ready with several back-up copies as usual. Enjoy!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Coming Soon....

This publication is working on a special interview that may lead to a multi-part series focusing on communications within the Islamic Republic of Iran, and what it means to the people of Iran in the context of their human rights to have more than just state approved radio. Shortwave and amateur communications have always centered on the building of goodwill, the free exchange of ideas, information, and overall expression.

In the context of amateur radio communications, exchanges between licensed operators sometimes have to stay free of hot topics because of the possibility that one station could get into some really deep legal trouble due to restrictions on topics of expression. Shortwave and other commercial communications suffer the same fate in countries where free speech and the free exchange of ideas are quashed by extremist government beliefs that leave no room for human rights.

The special guest SWA is working with has taken the liberty of making introductions of this publication and it's author to those "in the know", who have no love for communist regimes and censorship and are active in the pursuit of human rights. One may ask how human rights relates to radio communications. That answer is easy: We all have an everyday need to communicate and to be informed of events, news items, items of interest, and so forth. Without any input, we cannot realistically form any tangible view of the world around us. Enter now the tight control of these items and the absolute right to have access to more than just one limited and narrow option, especially when it's forced and full of propaganda.

Radio has been around for more than one hundred years, and gets the message through when no other form of communications media can. Stay tuned to this blog, because if all goes as will get a bird's eye view beyond the stories of violent war and dirty politics the major media presents to the public without ever focusing on the everyday people who must live under inhumane control of their lives, and you will find out what communications mean to them! What SWA knows so far will shake you and wake you! Coming soon!  

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Numbers Stations: A Comprehensive, Exhaustive List Of Resources

Numbers stations started in the cold-war era, possibly WW1 and continuing into this modern day. SWA has written other articles on these stations. Until now, there was no one-stop comprehensive, exhaustive, resource for learning about these stations. Two important questions arise about these numbers operations today: Are they just distractions with no real world function & aired only for novelty purposes to get SWL's all excited? Are they operating with a real purpose in the world for communicating with intelligence agents known as "spies", or do they operate simply to test their equipment just in case?

To this day, no government agency in the world will admit to running a numbers station. Some people have taken to the road with direction finding equipment.Yet, in a 1998 article published in "The Daily Telegraph", an official spokesperson for the U.K. agency that regulated radio regulations at the time was allegedly quoted as admitting that numbers stations are indeed what the public thinks they are that that no one should be mystified by it because the information is not for public consumption.

Numbers stations have come to be known as OWVL (One Way Voice Links) that could be used to communicate with the desired party so long as the party could justify possession of the shortwave receiver, was not under technical surveillance, and was well trained in the tradecraft.

Let's start with press articles first:  

NPR Article one

NPR Article two

NPR Article three mentioning Akin Fernandez

Espionage Is in The Air: Miami Times

Counting Spies:

Dark Side of The Band:

Secrets in The Static:

Hold The Front Page: Espionage Story About The Gaul

In NPR article two above, the following people are credited: Simon Mason, David Mussell and Tom Sevart, Chris Smolinski, as well as "The Conet Project". SWA went in search of these individuals on-line, and looked into "The Conet Project".

Washington Times five page article also featuring Mr. Akin Fernandez: "The Shortwave and The Calling"

Conet Project Specific Links:
Conet Project PDF
Conet Project Free, Legal download

Simon Mason: SWA has linked to his site in the links below, see his work there.
David Mussel: Only information found consisted of references to his collaboration on the Conet Project
Tom Sevart: Same as David Mussel
Chris Smolinski: Runs the Spooks List linked to in this article

Criminal arrests / terrorist efforts involving numbers stations:
2001: Cuban Five, Ana Belen Montes (Senior US Defense Intelligence Agency Analyst)
2006: Carlos & Elsa Alvarez
June 2009: Walter Kendall Meyers, who worked with the Cuban Intelligence Service
Oleg Penkovsky

Groups & Information Sources: None of this information is guaranteed to be accurate or up to date, as we know that radio communications practices change constantly. The exception to the rule is the Enigma2000 group who has a rather active group of people who keep everything as up to date as possible.

Enigma2000 Official Website
Enigma 2000 Yahoo Group
CVNI Radio
UK Intelligence Yahoo Group
Secret - Worlds SigInt Group: Site is in German but Google will translate
HF Underground Numbers Station Discussion Forum
Welcome To Numbers Stations
Global Frequency Database
If Not For 15 Minutes
The Numbers Game
Numbers Monitoring featuring MP3 recordings
Using Elliptic Curves
Very LARGE library of numbers station information
Numbers Stations by Fitz Nusser
Secret Radio Frequencies numbers article
dxzone numbers stations
Google search results for Numbers Stations
Mike N Sniffy's Radio Site
MilAirComms Site
Shortwave Underground: Comprehensive Look At Numbers Stations
Ary's Numbers Page: MUST SEE
Mystery Signals

On-Line Numbers Relay Pages: Please be careful how you use these, as they have the potential to be used the wrong way!

Numbers Relay Page

Videos Of Numbers Stations:
Youtube search results: Spy Numbers Stations
KUTV Video About Numbers Stations

PDF Files Concerning Numbers Stations:

Wikipedia Reference Section: Numbers Station. It's a paper on Cuban Agent Communications based on the FBI & court documents. This section also contains the PDF file relating to "United States v. Walter Kendall Myers, United States District Court, District of Columbia, no. xxx."

See the entire Wikipedia entry for "Numbers Station" HERE

Electronic Analysis & Related Items:
Spectrogram version 5.0 is a freeware dual channel audio spectrum analyzer for Windows 95/98/NT which can provide either a scrolling time-frequency display or a spectrum analyzer scope display in real time for any sound source connected to your sound card. (License: Free)

1. Analysis and identification of biological sounds
2. Analysis and identification of human speech
3. Analysis of musical performances
4. Tuning of musical instruments
5. Evaluation and calibration of home audio systems
6. Ham Radio audio reception and tuning
7. Analysis of radio interference including atmospheric electromagnetic effects

Intelligence News & Educational References:
Eye Spy Magazine
Eye Spy List Of Intelligence Services World-Wide
Eye Spy De-classified Intelligence Information
Eye Spy Intelligence Links
History Of Polish Intelligence Service
Worldwide Intelligence Service Listing Wiki
GCHQ: Britain's Most Secret Intelligence Agency

List Of Numbers Stations Heard Over Time As Reported By Various SWL's along with Wikipedia / other links if available:

Russian Morse Number Station M12
The MOSSAD Voice Number Station E10
Magnetic Fields
Edna Sednitzer
Swedish Rhapsody
Tyrolian Music
E13 Lincolnshire Poacher 
UVB-76 known as "The Buzzer" 
Yosemite Sam 
Cherry Ripe

Understanding numbers stations classifications
You'll notice each numbers station has an alpha-numerical identifier assigned to it. Here's what they mean:  

E = English speaking station
G=German speaking station
S=Slavic speaking station
T=Station in unknown language
M=Morse Code station (CW in today's popular terms although it is technically incorrect)
V=any language not noted in this list elsewhere
X=all other transmissions including digital modes, polytones, etc

Cryotography Links:

Cryptography Wiki

Enigma Machine Wiki

Cryptanalysis Of The Enigma

Cypher Bureau

One Time Pad

One Time Pad Detailed Guide

Cypher Machines & Cryptology

Cryptologic Museum Article: U.S. NSA / Central Security Service

Codebreaking & Secret Weapons In World War 2

Enigma & Intelligence

Cipher Wiki

Voice & Data Ciphering

Code & Cryptography Wiki

Japanese Naval Codes: JN25

Bletchley Park

This from Wikipedia under the creative commons license :

Two true stories from Shortwave America:
While listening some long time ago, this author witnessed V2 (Cuban Numbers Lady) use the same pad a second time! Around September 12th, 2010, Shortwave America posted a signal report on V2 as heard on 5885Khz, and within SECONDS after the post was published at HFUnderground, V2's signal was full strength commercial quality! Be careful posting what you hear, they just might be watching the message boards ladies & gents!

In the modern day, encrypted communications are said to be absolutely impossible to crack although the reality is that every type of communications including encryption has it's shortcomings. These numbers stations are not using encryption however, because we can hear their voices and encryption means the listener hears a signal but with the difference that there exists "digital hash" on top of the voice, thus making the voice or data transmission unintelligible. This type of encryption is mostly encountered with Motorola(tm) systems that use 128 bit type encryption or better. Although this encryption can be used on the HF bands, it isn't used because it's more of a pain than anything else and it costs major amounts of cash to obtain and maintain. With these systems, there is always the threat of the loss of the digital encryption key under certain circumstances.
Even the U.S. Military uses a system of ciphering that allows them to send EAM's in the clear because no one will ever figure out what the message is about...they use a one time pad, one time key, etc.
Common knowledge is that a member of the Enigma2000 group broke a numbers station pad!
What you now know is that these numbers stations are not a novelty, not a distraction, not some pirate playing games, but real communications directing intelligence agents of the world to carry out their orders. The conspiracy theories end here, and real learning has begun. Enjoy this article, refer to it as often as you need, pass it along to other people, it was a pleasure to put this piece together for all of the readers and participants of the radio world!

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Today's SW Log

Starting at 6145Khz and ending at 6110 via VFO travel through 9870Khz

6145Khz AM  2350UTC China Radio International - Sig was S9 + 60

6754Khz USB  2352UTC Trenton Military, Aviation WX - Sig was S9 + 20

6985Khz AM 2356UTC French program - Sig was S9 + 40

7375Khz AM 0000UTC Carribean Beacon: News show with female broadcaster

7415Khz AM 0002UTC Conspiracy show focusing on UFO abductions, Nov. 5, 1975 mentioned by the guest being interviewed in Murfreesboro, TN. Guest told a story about being in a car with a total of seven people including himself during deer hunting season, seeing a light just above where the ground met the horizon. They got to an opening, looked to their right and saw an unidentified aircraft described as a "metallic disc". Sig was S9 + 35

7440Khz AM 0007UTC Radio Ukraine International: News show with female broadcaster talking about economic state of the Ukraine. Short few words in audio clip featuring the Ukraine president. Ukraine wants cooperation to forge economic ties between Ukraine & Khazakstan. Reporter quoted the Khazak President as saying something about their products & the country of Russia.  Sig was fading enough to miss a few words, but stable for the most part. Sig was S9 + 40

7475Khz AM 0015UTC Voice Of Greece Sig was S9 +20

8503.30Khz USB 0021UTC beeping that switched from a simple series of beeps into faster digital type transmission that sounded like fast beeps mixed with crunching.  Sig was S9 +20

9420Khz AM 0023UTC Voice Of Greece Sig was S9 +20

9430Khz AM 0029UTC  Deutsche Welle Sig was S9 +20

9525Khz AM 0030UTC Radio Romania International: Music Sig was S9 +20

9535Khz AM 0032UTC Radio Exterior de Espana: Mystery show? Sig was S9 +20

9570Khz AM 0036UTC China Radio International?: Female broadcaster talking about olympic sailing center & Beijing Sailing Competition with reference to Xing Dao; Xing Dao official spoke briefly with a male translator. Sig was S9 +40

9580Khz AM 0040UTC Radio Bucharest on Romainia Radio International: Female broadcster translating Romainian into English about an event featuring photography and poetry followed about a male broadcaster talking about baking a traditional bread dish. Sig was S9 +20

9665Khz AM 0046UTC Voice of Russia? Male broadcaster talking about archaeologists and respect for culture during archaeological digs followed by a Female broadcaster who introduced music.Fading was present, so female broadcaster couldn't be heard completely. Sig was S9 +20

9675Khz AM 0100UTC several stations competing for the frequency

9700Khz AM 0102UTC Radio Bulgaria French Broadcast Sig was S9 +20

9711Khz AM 0104UTC Radio Televisione Italiana?? Sig was S9 +15

9750Khz AM 0106UTC Spanish programming, Female broadcaster talking with reference to Chile. Sig was S9 +20

9790Khz AM 0107UTC  China Radio International: topics included Khomeni asking for the U.S. to help free Iranians, sailing in Xing Dao, and Australia relations with China. Sig was S9 +35

9830Khz AM 0118UTC Music, classical style with piano, strings, violin? followed by a male voice in what was either an African dialect or French. Sig was S9 +20

9845Khz AM 0122UTC Radio Nederland Wereldomroep Sig was S9 +40

9870Khz AM 0124UTC Oesterreichischer Rundfunk featuring middle eastern music and other short music clips. Sig was S9 even. Lots of  fading with QRN.

6010Khz AM 0130UTC Radio Sweden International broadcast to North America started with dead carrier. Talk followed about election talk and included a guide about first time voting in Sweden.

Thursday, September 16, 2010


Over the course of 2010, the following stations have been heard by many listeners monitoring 6925Khz:

Weak Radio, KIPM, Outhouse Radio, WTCR, WPON, Captain Morgan, Radio Free Euphoria, Barnyard Radio, OHR, Wolverine Radio, Radio Gaga, WBNY, WKND Relay, Radio Garbanzo, Ann Hoffer, Voice of KAOS, WLDJ, UNID's (UNID means unidentified station) and there have been many of these reports!

What is it about 6925 that these pirate broadcasters love so much? Some of these stations are in USB and others in AM. There seems to be a pattern happening and a person can't help but wonder if some of these stations are one in the same or at least have some sort of tie to each other. Maybe they don't, maybe they just keep the frequency warm for each other in the same way we may ask a neighbor to hold a parking spot for us.

Listen to 6925 as the evening fades into nighttime, log it for a bit, see if you observe a pattern in the operating times, modes (USB/AM), and which stations broadcast in which order.

Sept. 18 2010:
0130UTC through 0150UTC Hearing Sycko Radio "Area51" 6925USB

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

SWA Retroblast: The Laughing Policeman Wireless Society

SWA was going to post about a badly written article from Beijing, China about the Beijing Government cracking down on radio use by forcing registration of transmitters using power higher than 0.5 watts, but found something more worthwhile.

Today, a feature SWA calls "Retroblast", focusing on the old Laughing Policeman Wireless Society. This club is now defunct, but back in time it was a significant group that took on the challenge of having fun on the amateur bands with a focus on bring into the light, contradictory policy making and enforcement of contradictory policy involving radio amateurs in the U.K.

Bad behavior should never be condoned on the amateur bands, but sometimes bad behavior and law breaking carries with it the value of humor. This by no means excuses such law breaking, but we all know that funny is funny!

LPWS got into some pretty hilarious hijinks. ShortwaveAmerica recently spoke with the webmaster for The Laughing Policeman Wireless Society SWA was interested in the history of this organization, it's culture, and how it found itself involved with a certain former U.K. Police SGT they call "The Looney", as well as hearing about some of their funniest / most entertaining moments. SWA wanted to know the how and why of the demise of this club in addition to all of this.

G8ASO kindly honored a request for information, and it turns out the joke was on two whole entities using sharp tact & expert manipulation in nothing other than a spirit of humorous monkey business mixed with a desire to teach a specific group of intimidating U.K amateurs a lesson!

"The club doesn't really exist any more, as amateur radio is nearly dead in the UK now. The licence is free now and the examination so easy a monkey that can use a pen can pass it.

The website remains to basically upset the original opponents and campaigners etc.

No one can really give an interview, the club was always thought to be larger than it was, like a play on radio, the pictures are better than TV, so we were able to manipulate the "hard of thinking" into believing there was more to it than there was, even the authorities were impressed with our "Intelligence Network" which didn't exist!

The club name comes from an early song by Charles Penrose, which becomes extremely annoying on repeaters, here it is : Laughing Policeman MP3

Basically, the club came about because several of us were fooling about on a repeater, and we got threatening telephone calls from other radio amateurs who had no business becoming involved and no authority to even voice an opinion. What do you do? Take notice and let them think you have been intimidated, or prove, beyond a shadow of doubt, that you couldn't care less? Well, we managed that alright."

If this isn't funny, ladies & gents...what IS? This whole LPWS endeavor involved genius level thinking & execution.

Some events from LPWS history One LPWS member who played a tune on the amateur bands that is now famous because of the media coverage pointed out that while he was in court, someone who committed a physical assault involving injury to another person was fined less money than he was ordered to pay by the court in his case and he had injured no one, nor had he even threatened violence.

Who's Afraid of The DTI?

ShortwaveAmerica will now direct you to Spot The Looney which is NSFW (Not Safe For Work or School) just adding that as a courtesy for the readers although it's a true story which is so funny that even Howard Stern could never surpass it with all of his stunts! Known as "Golf Zero Mike Alpha Looney", Sgt. Bowden went and got himself into the mix and ended up getting exposed for his efforts.

According to the page, Bowden even got in hot water with his Department for wearing his uniform while he was suspended from the force, and faced police impersonation charges. The Department had to write an apology for Bowden's conduct which is featured at the site. There is even a couple of MP3 links that allegedly contain Bowden speaking as if he were off his rocker.

No information was made available to SWA about how and why LPWS folded.

Thank you, G8ASO, for allowing ShortwaveAmerica to feature LPWS here and provide some comic relief for all who read!

Monday, September 13, 2010

Today's Station Loggings

15.220.00Khz AM Voice: Chinese Opera / theater, female vocalist. Program went into speaking parts involving other characters. 1430UTC Sig was 5 by 9 +20

15.285.00Khz AM Voice: Chinese News Programming 14:46UTC Sig was 5 by 9 +20

15.436.00Khz AM Voice: Chinese News Programming lots of noise with this signal, fading. Most likely propagation related. 14:47UTC Sig was 5 by 9

15.510.00Khz AM Voice: Weak signal station, news reporting in unknown foreign language. lots of noise and fading, propagation related. 14:51UTC Sig was 5 by 7 swinging to 9

15.770.00Khz AM Voice: Foreign male choir singing followed by a male speaking, sounds possibly like Portuguese. 1453UTC Sig was 5 by 9 +20

17.104.52Khz - 17.113.00Khz AM: OTHR? Loud and wide banded! 14:57UTC Sig was 5 by 7 to 5 by 9

17.555.00Khz AM Voice: Spanish programming. 1500UTC Sig was 5 by 9 +15

17.680.00Khz AM Voice: Spanish programming with music. 15:06UTC Sig was 5 by 9

17.795.00Khz AM Voice: English religious programming with music and scripture reading. 15:10UTC Sig was 5 by 9 +20

11.550.00Khz AM Voice: Spanish programming 15:28UTC Sig was 5 by 9 +15

11.713.00Khz AM Voice: People chanting, as if reading from something. Bad audio but signal was 5 by 9 +15 15:31UTC

11.772.00Khz AM Voice: English religious programming giving the following info, but no station ID 1-800-338-3030 P.O. Box 1 Los Angeles, Ca. 90053-0001 15:34UTC Sig was 5 by 9 followed by Pastor Melissa Scott. Even in her Pastor's garb she's HOT! How does a woman go from being a porn star to being a Pastor and why does the church even allow it?

11.845.00Khz AM Voice: Spanish programming host with phone caller. Great sig at 15:37UTC with 5 by 9 +20 and up to +40! Same program heard on 11.930.00Khz

12.050.00Khz AM Voice: Spanish Programming host with phone callers 15:39UTC sig was 5 by 9 +15

12.787.92Khz USB Voice: Marine Weather Forecast 15:42UTC sig was 5 by 9 +15 and nice audio!

13.089.00Khz USB Voice: Marine Weather Forecast 15:43UTC Sig was 5 by 9 +15 Good audio!

13.682.00Khz AM Voice: China Radio International 15:46UTC Sig was 5 by 9 with fading