Thursday, January 12, 2012

Howard Stern - Then and Now

Howard is celebrating his 58th birthday, and now the nation gets to look back on his younger years. HOWARD'S YOUNGER DAYS

Howard has blazed trails for newer, younger, talent that may not have otherwise been created. At one time, Howard was the FCC's "Most Wanted" man due to his in - your - face style of entertainment using what some see as vulgar and worthless language in his methodology as it relates to audience building. In short, Howard put the "how" in the term "How to do radio". Stay tuned to The Look 24/7 in the upcoming weeks for a discussion with the audience on Howard's career, possibly featuring Howard himself!


Anonymous said...

I think it's safe to say that Mr. Stern has broadcast much more offensive content than those goofs over at Hamsexy have ever even dreamed of. Very cool to see SWA sweeping the world. Very best regards, Tom

Shortwave_America said...

The difference between Howard and Hamsexy is that the Hamsexy group knowingly and willingly targets legally protected classes of people and uses their site to cyber-bully without any artistic or journalistic value. Howard's material is created with an artistic edge for an adult audience, and Howard has played within the legal bounds of the first amendment and journalistic artistry / entertainment.

Anonymous said...

Anxiously awaiting part three of the cyberbullying segment Dan. Tom