Monday, September 27, 2010

Who Says Radio Is Dying?

Based on the high, and constantly growing number of people reading this publication on a daily & weekly basis; based on watching the most popular radio forums and the level of participation happening, radio enthusiasts can rest assured that radio is not dying! The demographic of participants in the Licensed Amateur ranks and SWL circles has simply changed with the times.

The Shortwave America links section pertaining to Shortwave Radio websites has grown over the weekend. Before adding any new links, SWA checks the sites to ensure accuracy of information, that the sites are up to date, that it provides something valuable for public use, and that it actually has some sort of acceptable participation. If any of these elements are missing, this publication looks at the site for historical value.

Shortwave America welcomes: On The Shortwaves - with an excellent history of shortwave radio, Hard Core DX, HF Skeds, with their station listing by type feature, Transmitter Documentation Project,, Clandestine Radio Watch, and Koshko with an excellent site! In the Popular Discussions links list, Shortwave America welcomes The FRN Vine! More and more pirate broadcasters are asking that reports be sent either to HF Underground or FRN.

Be sure to visit those sites in the SWA links listings, they really appreciate the traffic just the same as Shortwave America enjoys and appreciates the traffic from all of you who read! Before this article comes to an end, please note that Shortwave America wants your comments! The comments sections are wide open without moderation unless the article is more than 14 days old. This is to ensure that old subjects don't get re-hashed unless absolutely needed, but be sure your comments on those articles more than 14 days old will be reviewed and published unless it does not meet with the simple, but few rules posted in the comments section. The comment decorum rules are self explanatory, short, and simple so as to allow for readers to feel comfortable posting.

Shortwave America IS NOT LIKE QRZ or other restrictive interactive message boards! One more thing before closing this article out....SWA was sorry to hear Crystal Ship getting crushed by QRN and bad propagation this past evening! Maybe you need to turn up the juice boys! We love hearing ya out here!

Have a great week everyone!    

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