Saturday, September 11, 2010

ShortwaveAmerica Readers Ask Questions, Give Praise

Tom, AB9NZ asks: "When are you going to add some content to this cool site?"

SWA Answers:

Thanks for reading, Tom! As you are probably well aware, shortwave stations are disappearing due to several problems on part of the station management having largely to do with wanting to focus more on local listenership, and the rest has to do with funding, as well as a lack of knowledge about the wide range of listeners the shortwave broadcasts provide for the station.

It seems that only a handful of stations are still on the air. Thankfully, we can still hear Germany, Radio Taiwan International, China Radio International, Radio Habana Cuba and some pirate stations such as The Crystal Ship, Outhouse Radio, Radio Rin Tin Tin (yes, lovingly named after the old story of that friendly K-9 by the same name.)

Finding shortwave or amateur radio related news that is worthy of posting, is original, and not already hyped by sites / publications such as QRZ, ARRL, PopComm,World Radio, etc. is kinda hard to come by. SWA likes to find and post the stuff that no one else cares to print, neglects to review or refuses to consider.

The radio listening audience is still out here, but have become silent about their activities for good reason. The major players in radio news don't always know what everyone wants to see in print on the web so they just print along the same old revolving door of subject matter. SWA is not afraid to experiment with content, and is always on the look out for new material not covered elsewhere, or only sparsely covered.  

An Anonymous reader says:
"I love your blog! Your writing is quite professional, and even my wife thinks so; she's a professional writer herself and says it's a well done publication. Keep writing & publishing!"

Thanks for the feedback, everyone! It's nice to see people are paying attention out here!

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