Saturday, September 18, 2010

Today's SW Log

Starting at 6145Khz and ending at 6110 via VFO travel through 9870Khz

6145Khz AM  2350UTC China Radio International - Sig was S9 + 60

6754Khz USB  2352UTC Trenton Military, Aviation WX - Sig was S9 + 20

6985Khz AM 2356UTC French program - Sig was S9 + 40

7375Khz AM 0000UTC Carribean Beacon: News show with female broadcaster

7415Khz AM 0002UTC Conspiracy show focusing on UFO abductions, Nov. 5, 1975 mentioned by the guest being interviewed in Murfreesboro, TN. Guest told a story about being in a car with a total of seven people including himself during deer hunting season, seeing a light just above where the ground met the horizon. They got to an opening, looked to their right and saw an unidentified aircraft described as a "metallic disc". Sig was S9 + 35

7440Khz AM 0007UTC Radio Ukraine International: News show with female broadcaster talking about economic state of the Ukraine. Short few words in audio clip featuring the Ukraine president. Ukraine wants cooperation to forge economic ties between Ukraine & Khazakstan. Reporter quoted the Khazak President as saying something about their products & the country of Russia.  Sig was fading enough to miss a few words, but stable for the most part. Sig was S9 + 40

7475Khz AM 0015UTC Voice Of Greece Sig was S9 +20

8503.30Khz USB 0021UTC beeping that switched from a simple series of beeps into faster digital type transmission that sounded like fast beeps mixed with crunching.  Sig was S9 +20

9420Khz AM 0023UTC Voice Of Greece Sig was S9 +20

9430Khz AM 0029UTC  Deutsche Welle Sig was S9 +20

9525Khz AM 0030UTC Radio Romania International: Music Sig was S9 +20

9535Khz AM 0032UTC Radio Exterior de Espana: Mystery show? Sig was S9 +20

9570Khz AM 0036UTC China Radio International?: Female broadcaster talking about olympic sailing center & Beijing Sailing Competition with reference to Xing Dao; Xing Dao official spoke briefly with a male translator. Sig was S9 +40

9580Khz AM 0040UTC Radio Bucharest on Romainia Radio International: Female broadcster translating Romainian into English about an event featuring photography and poetry followed about a male broadcaster talking about baking a traditional bread dish. Sig was S9 +20

9665Khz AM 0046UTC Voice of Russia? Male broadcaster talking about archaeologists and respect for culture during archaeological digs followed by a Female broadcaster who introduced music.Fading was present, so female broadcaster couldn't be heard completely. Sig was S9 +20

9675Khz AM 0100UTC several stations competing for the frequency

9700Khz AM 0102UTC Radio Bulgaria French Broadcast Sig was S9 +20

9711Khz AM 0104UTC Radio Televisione Italiana?? Sig was S9 +15

9750Khz AM 0106UTC Spanish programming, Female broadcaster talking with reference to Chile. Sig was S9 +20

9790Khz AM 0107UTC  China Radio International: topics included Khomeni asking for the U.S. to help free Iranians, sailing in Xing Dao, and Australia relations with China. Sig was S9 +35

9830Khz AM 0118UTC Music, classical style with piano, strings, violin? followed by a male voice in what was either an African dialect or French. Sig was S9 +20

9845Khz AM 0122UTC Radio Nederland Wereldomroep Sig was S9 +40

9870Khz AM 0124UTC Oesterreichischer Rundfunk featuring middle eastern music and other short music clips. Sig was S9 even. Lots of  fading with QRN.

6010Khz AM 0130UTC Radio Sweden International broadcast to North America started with dead carrier. Talk followed about election talk and included a guide about first time voting in Sweden.

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