Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Man & Son Tattoo Radio Station Logo On Foreheads

The man in this photo is David Johnathan Winkleman. Mr. Winkleman and his Son heard a radio station offer a cash reward for listeners who tattoo the station's logo on their forehead. Mr. Winkleman and son went along with the scheme, and then Winkleman was arrested. The photo above is from Winkleman's mug shot from his booking process.

See the story at the UK Daily Mail   

The radio station then changed their frequency & format after the stunt by the DJ's.

Update: Shortwave America beat ABC 7 to the punch on covering this story by almost a full hour! 


Phil said...

Congrats on beating ABC news to the punch on breaking this story. Call me a skeptic but it almost sounds like an Internet hoax. I've googled keywords in this story and it really has gone viral. No one is calling it a hoax.

I still wonder why I wasn't able to find anything on the Internet about this story that was originally written when it supposedly occurred in the year 2000.

Phil said...

OK. Story looks legit. Found details here