Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Coming Soon....

This publication is working on a special interview that may lead to a multi-part series focusing on communications within the Islamic Republic of Iran, and what it means to the people of Iran in the context of their human rights to have more than just state approved radio. Shortwave and amateur communications have always centered on the building of goodwill, the free exchange of ideas, information, and overall expression.

In the context of amateur radio communications, exchanges between licensed operators sometimes have to stay free of hot topics because of the possibility that one station could get into some really deep legal trouble due to restrictions on topics of expression. Shortwave and other commercial communications suffer the same fate in countries where free speech and the free exchange of ideas are quashed by extremist government beliefs that leave no room for human rights.

The special guest SWA is working with has taken the liberty of making introductions of this publication and it's author to those "in the know", who have no love for communist regimes and censorship and are active in the pursuit of human rights. One may ask how human rights relates to radio communications. That answer is easy: We all have an everyday need to communicate and to be informed of events, news items, items of interest, and so forth. Without any input, we cannot realistically form any tangible view of the world around us. Enter now the tight control of these items and the absolute right to have access to more than just one limited and narrow option, especially when it's forced and full of propaganda.

Radio has been around for more than one hundred years, and gets the message through when no other form of communications media can. Stay tuned to this blog, because if all goes as expected....you will get a bird's eye view beyond the stories of violent war and dirty politics the major media presents to the public without ever focusing on the everyday people who must live under inhumane control of their lives, and you will find out what communications mean to them! What SWA knows so far will shake you and wake you! Coming soon!  

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