Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Video Of Professional Tower Climbers Causes Controversy

Some people love radio enough that they make it their life. Professional tower climbers who work in broadcast engineering have very detailed training to perform their tasks, which can sometimes send them to industrial antenna towers as high as 1,800 feet. Tall tower climbing is a specialty in this career field. The rules for awareness and worker safety while in the actual performance of work assignments are stiff, carrying fines for violations and can sometimes call for immediate termination.

Osha regulates this career field as it does many others. Below the text of this article is a YouTube video showing professional tall tower climbers as they make their way up a tower standing higher than the Sears Tower, including antenna height! 1, 768 feet to be precise! A group of professional engineers have a discussion going on the topic of this video, posting this same video at their site and giving good insight on the differences between modern radio towers and older models of towers that do not allow OSHA regs to be followed exactly to the letter due to the construction anomalies of these older towers.

See the discussion at EngineeringRadio.us

This video was originally pulled from YouTube and internet circulation, but then re-posted when the originator of the video decided to allow it back on the net again.

Last year, a family of amateur radio operators were killed while attempting to erect their amateur radio antenna when they were electrocuted by high voltage contact with commercial electric lines. This video is a good reminder that any of us who play with radios, electrical current/voltage, electronic components, feedlines and antennas should always remember that it pays to be cautious!

WARNING!!!! Those who are afraid of heights, have sensitivities / phobias, or serious medical conditions should not watch this video. No one who chooses to watch this video should ever attempt to do any of what is shown in this video. This is not a stunt, and these tower climbers are not actors. Attempting this without proper training and safeguards could result in severe, permanent injury and DEATH. 

The OLE.org / theonlineengineer.org presents a Nuts and Bolts "We Know Radio" production: 


Anonymous said...

That video puts knots in my stomach.
I'm lucky to personally know the purveyor of Shortwave America. Dan is a good egg and an attentive father to his handsome family.He also runs a nice clean amateur station. It's always a pleasure to catch him on the air. Take good care folks, Tom AB9NZ

Anonymous said...

Whose DB-201 in that picture at the top? Nice looking antenna BTW ...

- SW-J

Shortwave_America said...

Thanks for the great words, Tom! Thanks for reading. SW-J, the owner of the support structure & antenna is unknown to this author, however I can tell you that this photo was taken in Franklin Park, IL. from a distance of two or three blocks using a digital camera with good zoom. Thanks for reading as well!