Thursday, September 16, 2010


Over the course of 2010, the following stations have been heard by many listeners monitoring 6925Khz:

Weak Radio, KIPM, Outhouse Radio, WTCR, WPON, Captain Morgan, Radio Free Euphoria, Barnyard Radio, OHR, Wolverine Radio, Radio Gaga, WBNY, WKND Relay, Radio Garbanzo, Ann Hoffer, Voice of KAOS, WLDJ, UNID's (UNID means unidentified station) and there have been many of these reports!

What is it about 6925 that these pirate broadcasters love so much? Some of these stations are in USB and others in AM. There seems to be a pattern happening and a person can't help but wonder if some of these stations are one in the same or at least have some sort of tie to each other. Maybe they don't, maybe they just keep the frequency warm for each other in the same way we may ask a neighbor to hold a parking spot for us.

Listen to 6925 as the evening fades into nighttime, log it for a bit, see if you observe a pattern in the operating times, modes (USB/AM), and which stations broadcast in which order.

Sept. 18 2010:
0130UTC through 0150UTC Hearing Sycko Radio "Area51" 6925USB

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Anonymous said...

On Halloween night the pirates really come out to play. Listen for it- AAAAARGH. Really enjoy the website Daniel, catch you on the air, Tom AB9NZ