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N3U/FLT93 - 9/11/01 Memorial Station

Pa Memorial Station For Sept 11, 2001 Attacks
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Special events station N3U / United Flight 93 will be activated 
Sept 09 - 13, 2010 to remind "Amateur Radio Operators World-Wide" 
of the tragic events that happened near "Shanksville, Pa, 
New York City and Washington DC on 
September 11, 2001." 

This operation (along with the prior "P41USA" operations from Aruba Island) 
will be sponsored by the "Blair Amateur Radio Society" 
(W3PN) along with various local, 
state & government agencies 
(City of Altoona, Blair County Pa, Red Cross, EMA/911, 

N3U / United Flt 93 operators will include: 
Bob W3BTX / P49T, Roy W3TEF 
and various other W3PN club members. 
We also intend to include different bands & 
modes during this "1st" ever initial upcoming operation 
in September 2010.
Operating Freq (+ -)
Phone               CW
1.850              1.810
3.820              3.530
7.195              7.030
 -------              10.120
14.240           14.030 
18.130           18.090
21.300           21.030
24.930           24.895
28.485           28.030
50.130           50.090       

Note: Everyone worked will get a QSL card 
"Direct or via Buro"

DIRECT QSL: Please send to W3PN & include SASE & 
enough return postage. If additional postage is needed...your QSL will 
be returned via the BURO.  
*Special note: USA postage rates will increase in 2011

BURO QSL: Starting in December all remaining QSO's 
(not counting any DIRECT QSL's rcvd) will be sent via the buro
**If you need your buro card sent to another ham, 
please email with information /request.

***Please DONOT send your QSL via the BURO.   
It saves everyone time & money.

 Please no E-QSL or LOTW at this time]
September 11, 2001.............Sequence of Events............. .
Photos on back of QSL card

At 8:47AM, American Flight 11 crashes into the North Tower of the
World Trade Center in New York City killing all on board.
This tower collapsed at 10:28AM.

At 9:03AM, United Flight 175 crashes into the South Tower
(2nd tower on left) killing all on board. This tower collapsed at

At 9:45AM, American Flight 71 crashes into The Pentagon Building
near Washington, DC killing all on board.
At 10:10AM, a large side section of the building
(at the point of impact) finally collapses.

At 10:10AM, United Flight 93 crashes (into an open field)
in SW Pennsylvania. Earlier at 8:01AM, (4) terrorists hijacked
United Flight 93 and was diverting the plane towards
their intended target (the Capital) in Washington DC.
The passengers and crew made a decision to stop this
from happening and at 10:10AM, the plane crashed
in an open field near Shanksville, Pennsylvania.
The N3U/Flt 93 Memorial Operation is 
dedicated to United Flight 93
Thanks to everyone who has worked 
N3U/Flt93 or P41USA
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