Friday, September 24, 2010

China Radio International Censor Tape

Nothing says censorship like a radio station that gets it's orders from the Chinese Government! SWA has it on good authority that the staff of CRI are great people who are forced to take totalitarian orders from a communist government who can't see daylight from twilight.

China Radio International has an "emergency tape" with several back-up copies in case an on-air personality says something that the Chinese Communist Party doesn't like. This emergency censor tape was released for the first time at PCJ Media. Listen HERE 

Since this tape is missing now, CRI more than likely has another emergency program ready with several back-up copies as usual. Enjoy!

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Saoirse said...

Now that's ... can anyone invent a word for this, please?

I wasn't really interested in radio until some young American kept sending me interesting links (twinks to Dan) and now I find myself commenting on radio-related blog posts which prove more interesting than I would have thought ... another great post, Dan :)