Tuesday, November 2, 2010

U.S. Attorney's Office, FCC File Complaint In U.S. Federal Court: K1MAN To Pay

Glen Baxter, the amateur broadcaster who has been clogging up the upper portion of 3890Khz has to face the U.S. Federal court system after the U.S. Attorney's Office teamed up with the FCC to ask the court to enforce the $21,000.00 fine levied against him by way of the FCC Enforcement unit's issuance of the NAL to him.

The term "amateur broadcaster" is used as opposed to "licensed amateur radio operator" because Baxter does not exude the proper traits of a law abiding licensed amateur operator.

The ARRL has the story

Here's the PDF Copy of the U.S. Federal Complaint filed today

The U.S. Attorney's Office and FCC are asking the court to order Baxter to pay a $350.00 filing fee and other legal, just fines the court may find in the best interest of justice.

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