Saturday, November 20, 2010

Shortwave Pirate Radio Directory

Those elusive pirates turn on their transmitters for fans all over the world, always careful not to create a solid schedule / frequency / directional signal pattern. They use different power levels to reach their respective audiences. Pirates are usually gracious enough to send reception confirmations via different means. Some will use FRN, others will use e-mail, some use EQSL.

The mood for something new & different is always there. That desire to spin the VFO through the bands in each different mode until something is found will eat away at a radio addict until he/she completes the daily routine until satisfied, and only when the thirst is quenched will your dear loved one be happy. SWL's are a vast audience who come from all walks of life. Even licensed amateur operators engage in monitoring whatever they find.

Shortwave America has decided to help everyone get their radio fix quickly, efficiently, and logistically. This is the Official Shortwave America Shortwave Pirate Radio Directory. This project has been months in the making and includes frequencies, pirate station identifications, and QSL information. Now, the contact directory could not be copied and published here, but it will be linked to. This is your one stop shop for Pirate Radio information!

First, a couple of pirate listening tips asked by Shortwave America over at the HF Underground Forum:

Spotting pirates during the day, according to RAFman:  "The tendency I have noticed over the years is the use of low [& very high] end of 15MHz/19M 15070KHz. Similar propagation to the world, like 20M where it is said "the band is always open to somewhere"...

Pigmeat gives this information for evening listening: "Most guys use the 6850-6955 range weekends between 12 and 15:00 utc this time of year. I can normally hit much of eastern N.America with just 14 watts and wire antenna in that time frame. It's a nice time to broadcast,conditions are quiet,and you have your pick of the prime frequencies.The band opens and shuts about an hour earlier during daylight savings time."  

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This is all that is out here for now. If anyone else has anything at all, please leave a comment here. Pirates are welcome to add their information as well, and it will be updated in this post. Shortwave America would like to update pirate information as often as possible. To make this ambition work, contributions are needed.

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