Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The Best Of Pirate Radio For Halloween 2010

At the bottom of this post, Shortwave America is providing a link that will take you to a list of recordings of pirate radio broadcasts from Halloween 2010 made by Lex in the State of Texas. There are many links on this list, all of which will give you specific choices for whatever your interest is for that day. All links take you to a site called mediafire.

According to Lex, propagation did not favor a station named "Gopher Stomp", and so he only obtained a few fairly clear recordings.

Stations logged included:
WAHR, Automated Halloween Radio
West Coast Radio
Voice of Doom - Morak: The Thing Behind The Wall
Radio Ronin Shortwave
Halloween Midi Radio

Further information from Lex: 

"Most of these are only a few minutes, selected segments from the most audible portions.  All have been run through hiss reduction so the slight jangly sound is due to digital noise reduction, not the original broadcast audio.  But you wouldn't want to hear the original versions since the local RFI level was very high at times."

Halloween Pirate Radio Recordings At HF Underground

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