Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Shortwave America Enhancements For 2011

All of you who read Shortwave America, whether it be a first time visit, an occasional check-in, or you're a loyal reader; have accounted for what has turned out to realistically be great success for an original publication like this! This year, the Shortwave America readers have taken this publication from a minor & meaningless effort to a widely recognized and trusted source for all sorts of radio information.

This publication went from having a meaningless existence to the astounding fanfare of 6,359 unique readers as of November 20th, 2010 with an easy expectation to reach or exceed 7,000 readers by December 2010. Shortwave America sincerely thanks all of you!

Due to the growth that has happened here, Shortwave America will be making enhancements to your enjoyment of this publication. The links section will be broken down into more specifically defined areas of radio. You may have seen that a Utility Listening links Section was added along with a Pirate Radio Links Section. Research is underway to add a Shortwave America product store, design of a Shortwave America Official Emblem is under research, and one other new gift for readers will be the addition of popular radio news shows so that you will never have to hop from website to website just to listen to your favorite shortwave or amateur radio related newscasts.

Shortwave America will be bringing you regular installments of:

Amateur Radio Newsline

The RAIN Report

International Radio Report

The Shortwave Report

Sounds On Shortwave

World Of Radio

That's six popular, trusted, well produced, quality radio newscasts each time they are published! All of these new features will happen in January of 2011. Shortwave America will run a reader's poll from December 1st, 2010 until December 31st, 2010. This poll will seek input from the readers and will be used solely to make improvements to Shortwave America. You may have noticed that pieces here are displaying an link to the top left of the page. Because of  the costs associated with bringing Shortwave America to you and the cost of future plans, it was thought that offering useful items from such a great place as is a practical, and efficient way to support this publication without passing the cost on to the readers.

Buying an offered item from Amazon is up to the reader, and each time one of you makes a purchase of an offered item from Amazon, you are helping to support Shortwave America. Thought was given to adding a Paypal "Donate" button, however, thought needed to be given to what the reader would be getting from their donation in a more real & tangible sense. Offering radio related items from Amazon was clearly the best choice because the reader is getting something they are actually interested in!

Upon the Shortwave America Store becoming a reality, the Amazon product offerings will likely cease unless you, the readers demand that Amazon product offerings stay here. The Shortwave America Store will feature coffee cups, travel mugs, t-shirts, sweat shirts, caps, mouse pads, and all sorts of useful radio related items that readers will be excited to see! It should be clear that at no time will Shortwave America readers ever have to pay for accessing the material presented at Shortwave America. 

If the above listed radio newscasts are a popular item, Shortwave America will endeavor to bring you other interesting radio shows such as select PCJ Media / PCJ Radio productions, RNW productions, and select productions from other big names in radio to include pirate radio offerings.

All of these things mentioned here will likely be part of the Shortwave America reader's poll. Shortwave America is alive and thriving only because of your readership. Thanks once again and Happy Holidays!


Anonymous said...

My browser doesn't show the Amazon link yet.Not sure if it just isn't set up yet, or if it's not working.

Happy Holidays Amigo, Tom AB9NZ

Ragnar said...

Nice to have the PiratesWeek included.


Shortwave_America said...

No problam, Ragnar!
Tom, the Amazon links are only on selected posts for now. If you scroll down you should see one here or there to the left of the post.

Anonymous said...

I went to the E-Ham links page and lo and behold couldn't find my favorite shortwave website in the shortwave section. They need to get their act together. Good thing those Amazon links weren't a snake.... Take good care,Tom