Sunday, November 28, 2010

Tonight's Medium Wave Log

Starting at 0500UTC to 0945UTC

The VFO started at 1.100.00AM and ended at 1.800.00AM without the pre-amp on for teh first part of the night. There's a ton of local interference and ordinary band fade. An experiment was conducted tonight using the pre-amp with attenuator and noise reduction1 used simultaneously. This consistently yielded the same results of allowing an accurate signal reading while dramatically reducing the noise from several sources.  

The night started out with just a bunch of the same local stations and at 1.130.00 KWKH came screaming in from Shreveport, La like they were right next door. Their sig was a perfect 5 by 9 even through some band fading and a lot of local interference. No problem hearing them at all! Here's their website for anyone else who heard them tonight: KWKH - Home of The Classics  If you like country classics, true country and not the stuff we have today, you'll love KWKH! Monitored from 0505UTC to 0521UTC

1.140.00AM - 0522UTC: Coast To Coast AM. Art Bell, W6OBB is hosting tonight. The topic is "interesting times" from July 3rd 1997, and Art is taking calls from West of the Rockies. Sig is a perfect 5 by 9 even through local interference. WRVA in Richmond, Virginia is the station ID at 0534UTC. Monitored until 0540UTC. WRVA Website

1.150.00AM - 0540UTC: "He's So Fine" original 1950s version being played. Station faded out completely and came back after a few seconds. Using only Noise Reduction1 now, as the pre-amp is more hurtful than helpful tonight. Monitored until 0543UTC, unable to obtain station ID. Station seems to be devoted to classic music from the 50s and 60s.

1.180.00AM - 0544UTC: Talk about time traveling, and the host mentioned getting some orange juice after the show. A lady said to him "If you do, you HAVE to tell me!" station fading in & out. Enough was heard to determine that this is Coast To Coast AM. possibly WHAM - Rochester, New York 
Station was 5 by 7 with band fade. Monitored until 0557UTC.

1.190.00AM - 0557UTC: Country music with lots of fading and possibly a second station competing for the band also playing country music with a possible female voice singing. At 0600UTC, a song started playing "I may be a real bad boy, but baby I'm a real good man". Just before this, station ID was heard but was extremely difficult copy. listening until ID can be heard, this is one that CAN be pulled out! At 0606UTC, Coast to Coast AM theme can be heard in competition with this country station. Coast to Coast AM is in there just under this station now at 0612UTC and Coast to Coast AM gives this number 1-800-750-0267.
What problematic here i sthat Coast To Coast is ten Khz away on 1.180.00AM too, but by switching freq's a difference can be told that it's a different show than what is being heard on 1.190.00! No station ID in the end. Perhaps a second attempt will be made later.

1.210.00AM - 0617UTC: Safe Money Radio. 1-800-780 - safe. No station ID.

1.260.00AM - 0621UTC: Music, possibly ghetto style / boom box type music.

1.270.00AM - 0630UTC: Spanish or Latin music.

1.280.00 - 1.520.00 too noisy, couldn't pull anything out at all. Too much noise and no technique is working!

1.530.00AM - 0635UTC: Game show based on sports team guesses. A retail manager gets the grand prize, which ain't much and if you ask Shortwave America, he wasted his time and the station made fools of themselves. Station ID is WCKY (ESPN Sports Radio) in Cincinatti, Ohio.  monitored until 0646UTC

1.540.00AM - 0648UTC: Midnight Radio Network with Eric Harley & Gary McNamara, KXEL in Waterloo - Cedar Rapids, Iowa. KXEL Website monitored until 0653UTC. 

1.550.00 1.610.00AM - nothing heard.

1.620.00AM - 0654UTC: Commercials followed by station ID at 0658UTC as KOZN in Omaha, Nebraska. They are playing ESPN Sports Radio right now. KOZN Website

1.630.00AM - 0700UTC: Sports show talking about a football player that carried 21 yards for Iowa. News: Robbery on 500 block of S. Van Buren St. offender was a Black male early 20's who asked the victim for a "light" then reached into the victim's pocket took the victim's I-Pod and then assaulted the victim. Those with info can call crime stoppers at 358-TIPS.  Station ID at 0704UTC as KCJJ. KCJJ is Coralville, Iowa's first radio station and is known as "The Mighty 1630". KCJJ Website

1.640.00AM: Nothing

1.650.00AM - 0713UTC:   Seconds after tuning in, the station ID was given as "Cedar Valley", At 0715UTC a Geico Insurance Commercial played. At 0718UTC, ID was clearly 1650 "The Fan" KCNZ. KCNZ Website

The rest of the upper portion of the MW band was terrible noisy and nothing could be copied.
VFO was spun below 1000AM at exactly 980AM. We're moving down the dial the rest of the evening.

980.00AM - 0721UTC: Sports show. Host is talking with man by the name of "Kelly". There is possibly a female co-host. Show is competing for the band with a music station playing a CCM format. This sports show is talking about Phil Jackson, Coach of the L.A. Lakers and a shot clock operator who isn't allowed to work anymore playoff games. The host states that his information came from a trusted source within the NBA and that he may get in trouble for letting this information out about the clock shot operator. It's in print now, and it can't be taken back. Show / Station ID at 0728UTC as Fox Sports News. At 0732UTC, the station played "Real American" in the background of an ad. This song is recognized as a one time hit of the 1980s once used by Hulk Hogan (Terry Bollea) as his World Wrestling Federation Ring Entrance Theme written by Rick Derringer. WOFX - Fox Sports Radio Website. WOFX is in New York.

860.00AM - 0738UTC: Mellow / Inspirational Music sounds something like "My Heart Will Go On" from Titanic. Vocalist is a female with a nice, clear voice. Station seems devoted to Irish music. Song changed at 0742UTC. At least these songs are good choices, they are actually getting stuck in this author's head.
There's just some band fade here in the lower portion of the band, but not bad. The radio host at this station is a female speaking French at 0746UTC. 0751UTC, station fades almost completely away and then can be heard just under the QRN. Music now seems devoted to French listeners. 0752UTC, station playing an upbeat song that would probably fit a broadway stage production. Station is now a perfect 5 by 9, no competition for the band at all, very loud and clear. 0825UTC: Station plays an English song "Feelin' Groovy" original version with piano. No station ID.  

850.00AM - 0827UTC: Twilight Zone. KOA Radio. Denver, Colorado. They're 20 over the entire night! Loud, clear, like they're right next door!

840.00AM - 0828UTC: Coast To Coast AM "Non-Conformity, Going From Stuck to Unstuck" It's actually a show based on something real!

830.00AM - 0830UTC: Some show just signed off and a quick news piece followed. Now playing "Imagination Theater" by Jim French Productions. Possibly WCCO in Minnesota? Station is perfect 5 by 9, loud, clear, like right next door.

810.00AM - 0910UTC:  WGY New York
800.00AM - Nothing

750.00AM -0915UTC: WSB Radio. Atlanta, Ga  Fishing / Hunting Show.  Host just got done speaking with "Henry" who gave fishing tips. Henry talked about using barbless hooks and certain lures. Now speaking with Joseph who's talking about his muzzle loader.

740.00AM - 0918UTC: CFZM Toronto, Canada. All Night Jukebox

700.00AM - 0920UTC:  WLW Cincinatti, Ohio. "Bubba Bo" with his show.
640.00AM - 0928UTC: Nothing

620.00AM -0928UTC: WTMJ - Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

610.00AM - Nothing

600.00AM - 0935UTC: Religious show fighting for the band with WMT in Iowa

590.00AM - 0937UTC: Several stations fighting for the band, but one is louder than the other.

580.00AM - 0940UTC: Too many stations fighting for the band! It's a MW pile-up!

570.00AM - 0941UTC: Pile - up! There is a ticking and beeping sound under these stations that is audible.

550.00AM - 0943UTC: MW pile up!

540.00AM - 0945UTC: Pile - up

Conditions are definitely better as evidenced by the pile - up's. Tomorrow will likely see new Shortwave Logs.

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