Saturday, November 13, 2010

The Radiotelegrapher

Tom, AB9NZ of the suburbs, near Chicago, IL has decided to join the Amateur Radio Journalism circle by creating a rather neat site over at posterous, called The Radiotelegrapher. Tom is a veteran Radio Man and a U.S. Veteran from the United States Air Force who is a friendly, skilled, outgoing man who has earned his respect from many to include this publication.

Tom worked NA1SS yesterday and spoke to Col. Wheelock on one of several International Space Station Orbit passes, a great accomplishment in itself! Welcome, Tom!

AB9NZ can often be found hanging around on the NORA Repeater, located in Glenview, IL on 147.090Mhz plus 600Khz and a 107.2PL. Tom was one of this author's first contacts and remains a great friend! Besides hanging out on NORA, Tom is proficient with the fine art of Morse Code (CW) and can be found on the CW portions of the HF bands.

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Anonymous said...

Jeepers Dan! You made my face turn red. Tom, AB9NZ