Saturday, November 13, 2010

Antenna Designs, Reviews, and Tutorials

Long ago, Shortwave America promised an article on antennas. All of the projects, designs, reviews, and related items were simply too numerous to write just one piece on. Even a multi-part series would have been too large of a project. A more practical approach was needed, so, Shortwave America went scouting for everything and used the most practical information.

This guide is not intended to be the end-all, be-all of antennas because of all of the various designs out here, different emission types, different needs for antenna radiation polarization, and operator preference for minimum power usage. this is mostly handy for new Operators / SWL's, those who want or need a refresher, and those who want a nice resource for double checking their work.

Finally, the Shortwave America readers have a one stop resource for antenna knowledge similar to the more popular resource that was written for monitoring numbers stations. It's been quite a long time, but it's here now. Enjoy this resource to your heart's content! That why it's here!

Frequency Definitions / Theory

What is Frequency? Wiki

Radio Frequency Wiki

What Is Radio Frequency? 

Radio Frequency & Antenna Theory (PDF File)


Antenna Safety & Powerlines by Ham Universe
The above link contains two safety videos that are Mandatory watching!

W0JEC RF Exposure & Safety Resource (Includes RF Exposure Calculator) 
Radio Frequency & Antenna Basics

Frequency Band Definitions

Antenna Theory & Basics

Radio Nature: RSGB

RSGB Antenna Books

Antenna Basics by HDTV Primer

Antenna Length Calculator

KB5WCK Antenna Calculator

ELF Antennas

Wikipedia ELF Tutorial

ELF Fields: A detailed guide

Longwave, LF and HF Antennas 

Wikipedia LF Primer

LF (Low Frequency) Antenna Theory by

Antennas For 3 to 30Mhz and AM Mode

Radio Waves Below 22Khz

NRL Low Frequency Antenna Development

OLFAR: Orbiting Low Frequency Antennas For Radio Astronomy

HF Antennas 101

HF Antennas - Ham Radio Library
This above link has TONS of antenna information
and just might be better than any other resource
out here!

K3MT's Grasswire Antenna

RadioReference HF Antenna Wiki

Cloud Warmer NVIS Antenna by Ham Universe

Medium Wave Antennas

Marc's Technical Pages: Antennas For MW Reception

K9AY Loop Antenna

Optimized MW Antenna Systems

Sarmento's Ferrite Rod Antenna For MW

Antennex - THE Place For Antenna Discussion & All Antenna Related Items

Shortwave Antennas

Understanding Shortwave Radio & Antennas

Hamuniverse - Build A Shortwave Antenna

Build A Broomstick Antenna by Arnie Coro

DX Zone - Shortwave Antenna Plans & Links

Homebrew Shortwave Antennas @ E-How

Hardcore DX - Birdfeeder Antenna

TDP Shortwave Antennas

Active Antenna Electronic Circuits

VHF Antennas

IW5EDI VHF Antenna Library

2 Meter Antennas

Slimjim 2 Meter Antenna

1.25 Meter Quickie Quarter Wave

1.25 Meter J-Pole

UHF Antennas

AC6V UHF Antenna Resource

70CM Eggbeater Antenna Resource

9Db, 70CM Collinear Antenna From Coax

70CM 2 and 4 Element Yagi's

70CM Super J-Pole

SHF Antennas

33CM Wiki

EHF Antennas

Curtain Quad Antenna, 1.296Ghz

Curtain Quad Antenna, 2.4Ghz

2.4Ghz Omni Antenna

2.4Ghz Sardine Can Antenna

Kent Electronics, WA5VJB

Shortened 3D Corner Reflector Antenna (PDF File)

Advanced Antenna Resources

Stealth Antennas

N4UJW Antenna Design Lab

Major Antenna Pages

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