Monday, May 2, 2011

Untrained Weather Spotters Get Themselves Into Danger

Those of us who are TRAINED severe weather / tornado spotters know that you NEVER get up cloe and personal with a Tornado. We also know that our training tells us that when observing a tornado, we need to be at the opposite angle from where the tornado is moving, so we can SAFELY help the National Weather Service  to get advance warning out and report on the behavior of the tornado.

The two goofballs you are about to see in this video make us all look bad, they get it all wrong and almost end up dead. The two not-so-bright people you will see in this video got themselves caught in the recent deadly tornado outbreak in Alabama. They have the radio on and the station is warning everyone listening to seek shelter immediately, and they do exactly the opposite!

What does this have to do with radio, you ask? These Darwin Award contestants have no communication with anyone! IF they were properly trained and had their amateur radio licenses, they would be able to actually be of some help to the community and possibly help save a few lives! In scenarios like this, communication with your local NWS and Emergency Management Agency makes all the difference!

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