Thursday, May 26, 2011

Harold Camping Leaves WYFR

The discredited leader and false prophet at Family Radio, Harold Camping, has left Family Radio.
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The Neo Club Press presents the story in Spanish, so here is an English translation presented courtesy of Glenn Hauser at the DXLD forum with credit also given to the Neo Press Club and IB Times:

Harold Camping Leaves Family Radio

Monday May 23, 2011 19:24
Neo Press Club

Camping, caught in Alameda (IB Times) [caption]

The evangelist Harold Camping, who predicted that on Saturday May 21 would begin the Final Judgement and / or the end of the world, did not show up on Monday at his job, leaving the Family Radio Network to its own fate.

The international project manager of Family Radio, Matt Tutera, told a correspondent for The Christian Post that Camping was expected on Monday at the offices of Family Radio, but he did not appear.

Tutera, visibly angry, said that Camping had made a "mess" of the situation.

As early as Sunday, the failed prophet was surprised at the home of a relative, in the California town of Alameda, by reporters from The San Francisco Chronicle and IB Times, but declined to provide say anything, alleging that he had to "meditate ".

Camping, additionally, has stopped answering his phone.

According to Ricardo Becerra, an expert on cults and sects, after such failed predictions, "there is a risk that disappointed people even commit suicide after being on the street or losing all their belongings."

Precisely, it was learned today that a mother in Los Angeles, California, attempted suicide and to kill her children after the "second coming" prophesied by Camping was not fulfilled.

This Christian Post mentioned above also has a lot of stories about Camping and what may happen next, such as:

Shortwave America would like to take this opportunity to ask anyone in the audience who may hold a position in Law Enforcement to consider arresting Camping for the harm that has come to the innocent children mentioned in this article, as well as anyone else who was caused harm as a result of his irresponsible use of the airwaves to propagate panic.


Rajdeep Das said...

Thanks to rumors spread by Harold Camping of Family Radio we are already getting reports of ppl who have tried to kill themselves & others because of his false teachings & false prophesies. See these links...
and this one too ..
Really disturbing ! Listeners and broadcasting authorities should ban Family Radio!

Anonymous said...

Camping hasn't left anything and your witch hunt is irresponsible.