Wednesday, May 4, 2011

QRZ Broil Spills Over

VK1OD and some others have taken to other means in order that they may freely speak out. That is to say they have left Fred Lloyd's A relatively new thread at the reference speaks about continued management problems, favoritism, cronyism, and general double standards at the garbage fill known as the zed.

The linked post at the reference is quite accurate about what goes on over there and is quite honest about the fact being that only the callsign look-up is worth anything there. Anyone who has been around for any period of time knows that this is not anything new. What goes on at the zed is a circus of the worst sort for Fred and his friends who are no better than the people who occupy certain portions of bandwidth across the HF bands.

Truth be told, Fred doesn't care at all what happens so long as people keep buying ad space from him. QRZ is a business and the folks there are simply filling empty space, giving him the best thing he can have...FREE advertising! When you use Fred's site, and you go tell others about it, you give him free business! Free for him, but advertisers pay.

The same products marketed by Fred can be found on the net for free and also compiled privately by way of simple copy & paste onto a word doc if someone thinks the information is useful enough to them. There are a million callsign look up's out here...why use Fred's? You get the same information you would get there! Heck, if you wanna see geo coordinates you can go use Google Earth! You can use any other geo location service out here, as many of them are free.

Fred Lloyd has perpetrated the best laid scam ever! Don't you get it? You who hang around the zed are his puppets and he laughs at you! He gets rich while all of you create the downfall of the amateur radio community! The public is watching! Fred has succeeded in making fools of all of you.

The zed has archives for the public to see. Anyone can at anytime, go see the current state of the zed as well as the archives! Some of you may say, "but the zed has a logbook feature" what? There are logbooks out there for free or for minimal cost! I have yet to see a logbook that has an extravagant cost attached to it!

If you need help with learning something or using a new piece of equipment...there are amateur radio clubs all over the country! Go congregate with them and make some friends! Most amateur clubs are more than willing to give help to a fellow amateur with the understanding that the person give help to others when they know enough.

All the things provided at the zed can be found elsewhere and you don't risk getting flamed, insulted, harassed, bullied, or banned! Shortwave America readers will notice that there is NO LINK here to the zed...there is a reason for that! QRZ is not a family friendly site and the readers here do not want to click on a link that may provide objectionable content.

The zed is a horrible example of how amateur radio ops act in the real world for the most part.

Here's K1OIK's video which was really about QRZ more than amateur ops in the real world with a few exceptions. Please note that there may be some rude, objectionable remarks made at the video and feel free to ignore the comments section if you need to....Burt does! In real life, Burt is an intelligent man who is kind and a lot of fun to be around. Shortwave America presents this without any endorsement in one direction or another.


Anonymous said...

Dan, Hate to say it but a lot of us folks hate when a page starts making sounds without clicking on anything. Not a big deal and only meant as constructive criticism my friend. Good to see your constant experimentation with the sight. Hope you guys are enjoying the spring weather. Very best of 73, Tom, AB9NZ

Shortwave_America said...

Tom, thanks for bringing this to our attention. The problem has been fixed by replacing the videos with links instead. Hopefully, Vimeo (the video site) will find a fix for this in the future.

Anonymous said...

It's laughable that anyone would put a video by Bert on a ham radio site talking about constructive issues in Ham Radio. In my opinion, he needs to go eat a bowl of prunes and drink plenty of grape juice along with it. Honestly, if he's so down on ham radio, why does he keep up his license. Surely, he would find a better hobby or something else to do. Whether that be basketweaving, RC planes, picking up mule droppings, or some other interest. Just my opinion but its why New Englanders kind of get a bad rap in many cases. Mostly due to the crass attitudes you find in that region.