Thursday, May 26, 2011

Switzerland In Sound with Bob Zanotti

Bob has been reporting on Switzerland for more than thirty two years now. Bob has been a distinct voice on the air, sharing his expertise about Switzerland starting with travel and then going on to share the culture, languages, and overall richness of this great country and its people.

The May 21st episode of "Switzerland In Sound" comes to us from the East side of Switzerland, close to Italy just on the South border. Since the Summer months are almost here, Shortwave America thought it would be worth talking about the great work Bob has been doing.

Switzerland In Sound does an awesome job of giving every listener a virtual tour of each place Bob visits, painting pictures in the mind of absolute beauty that give way to pleasant dreams for anyone who looks forward to traveling.

In this episode, Bob speaks and tours with Gabriella. Gabriella is the Director Of The Nature Biosphere, in the Valley Of The Minster. Your tour starts in the Cemetery, and the Covent of St. John's Church. After this visit, Gabriella shows Bob a local restaurant and explains the local tastes. The scenery changes from the restaurant to a local bio - production plant where natural products are made. We are then whisked away to a textile manufacturer where original hand looms are still used, and Mrs. Oswald is working on a product in the middle of the Village of Santa Maria.

We won't give it all away, so, you'll have to click here to listen!

To learn more about Bob and his Switzerland in Sound, follow this link.

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