Thursday, May 26, 2011

FCC Crack Down Threatens To End Pirate Radio

John Poet bring us news from stating that the United States FCC has been operating an active crack down on unlicensed radio operations, and fines have been issued...HUGE FINES!! The most troubling violation is "Inadequate Record Keeping". If hams aren't required to keep records and hold most of the radio spectrum for their operations, being allowed to broadcast things like "Amateur Radio Newsline", "The Rain Report", and "Space Shuttle Audio", why should broadcasters have to keep records?

Again, we see the hypocritical regulations at the FCC being allowed to generate revenue for radio operations that have not harmed anyone. This crack down highlights the need to return the airwaves to the people without archaic licensing requirements for broadcasting.

With the June 3rd Broadcast Board Of Governors conference coming up, one can only come to the conclusion that the FCC is showboating so as to make it appear that they still have a relevant place in American society. WHO CARES if someone is broadcasting without a license at whatever power level IF no broadcast in progress is interfered with and if no one is interfering with land navigation, amateur radio, aeronautical frequencies, public safety bands, satellite services, wildlife tracking freqs, and other important experimental service communications bands?

These are not the only bands that pirates should stay out of, but you get the picture. The FCC is simply enforcing more - or - less, the "anti-competition" stance that holds BIG BUSINESS in protective hands when big business should be told to fend for themselves since they can afford it!

Re-write the broadcast regs, FCC! STOP picking on pirates who don't harm anyone, and go after those who interfere with truly critical communications!


Guise Faux said...

Amen, brother! Testify!

Oops, 'scuse my enthusiasm. I get a little worked up over this stuff since a friend was busted by the FCC this year. He was a good pirate op and is a darned nice fellow. Doesn't bite, is housebroken and never QRM'd another pirate.

Shortwave_America said...

Bunny! Thanks for reading and commenting! It is a pleasure to have a legend in our midst!