Tuesday, May 10, 2011

John Poet: Confessions Of A Pirate

It has recently been discovered that "The Poet" has a blog for TCS (The Crystal Ship). On it, Poet gives us an honest peek into why he does pirate radio. Confessions Of A Pirate is perhaps the BEST statement made against the powers that be in American radio, perhaps even worldwide since all of these people hold each others hands to begin with.

The first TCS blog post was on 7 August, 2010 and the newest post came on 7 May 2011. From all appearances at this present time in pirate radio, a war seems to be occurring between TCS and  Radio Jamba International. Shortwave America will contact The Poet and ask for an interview on what The Crystal Ship is focusing on today, future plans, and the war with Radio Jamba.

After looking at the blog for Radio Jamba, it needs to be said that the ability to spell correctly, use good grammar, and construct sentences properly is paramount to running a publication just for starters. Posting your own SINPO reports from FRN is not good practice! Do something original! Seriously, Jamba! Here's a screenshot of Jamba's lameness:

BTW, that bowling alley sign photo, if real, is a great way for the FCC to find you....universally stupid! Why? Because it tells them about the area your sigs are possibly coming out of.  We doubt you know anything about using photoshop. Shortwave America won't even give the link to Jamba for fear of insulting the entire radio community. Another thing Jamba, clean up your signal! Audio doesn't count when the signal is so bad!

Poet, if you're reading this....you run a great station! Keep up the good work! Salute!

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