Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Worldwide Amateur Radio Licensing Regulations & Callsign Structures

This morning, Shortwave America took the opportunity to speak with 2I0NIE, 2E0GHR, and ZR5SF via Echolink on the Ireland Conference and the conversation quickly turned to the structure of callsigns and radio licensing regulations around the world.

It was an interesting conversation to be sure and this author learned something new which inspired the idea for gathering the radio licensing regulations and callsign structures from around the world. The piece will focus on how callsigns are made, assigned, and what they mean in each respective part of the world.

It was learned that in Ireland, amateur callsigns are given designators to indicate which part of Ireland the operator is from. Take for instance, 2I0NIE. His callsign means he lives in Northern Ireland, and we know this because of the "I" designator in the callsign.

Research is now underway to write a piece for all of you who read that will go beyond the current ARRL / ITU callsign listings by prefix that we currently have and will focus also on the respective requirements for licensing in every part of the world, reciprocal licensing, operator privileges in each license class, etc.

Stay tuned to Shortwave America for developments!

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