Friday, January 21, 2011

Shortwave America: Above & Beyond

Shortwave America wishes to thank the readers out here for their patience during the much needed medical leave. The medical leave has forced some of the new developments here to be delayed by a short time, and now the catch up work begins!

You already know that Shortwave America has added a full - time dedicated streaming link to Radio Netherlands, has added a second listening gallery focused on a list of other shortwave broadcasters, and is working on the following:

*Adding an amateur radio listening gallery
This gallery will not just focus on amateur radio listening by way of internet streaming, but will also offer all sorts of sought after international information focused on amateur radio all in one place. This will include licensing information from all over the world and all sorts of surprise goodies!

*Adding a Shortwave America podcast

*Adding a Shortwave America product store with a special section that will offer radio kits and electronic components.

*Adding a Shortwave America e-zine and a series of e-books.

*Opening up access to seven specific high quality shows based on radio topics
These shows will all be backdated to the original date Shortwave America had planned for this feature to kick off so no one here misses anything.

*All future interviews will be in both written AND audio format (MP3)

*Shortwave America is developing working relationships with the most influential, prominent names in radio today and will indeed be adding an "international liasion team" to assist readers and other interested parties from all over the world. The international liasion team will initially focus on providing service in German, Russian, Mandarin, Polish, Spanish, Itialian, and French. Shortwave America will expand in the future to all languages offered by blogger so as to serve the international community in the most efficient manner. Until these developments become reality, translation can be offered using Babelfish.

Shortwave America will also add a regular newsletter by WRN (World Radio Network) A copyright clearance is pending to offer this service from WRN. WRN is one of the biggest radio and television broadcasting conglomerates around, and they offer an awesome newsletter that is so valuable it just has to be featured here!

As Shortwave America continues it's regular schedule of news information, the Amateur Radio community is waiting for the long awaited show-down between Glen Baxter - K1MAN, and the United States Federal Communications Commission as his application to renew his license has been sent to the Administrative Law Judge for Administrative Law Review. In this hearing, Baxter will bear the burden of proving that he is fit to become or remain a Commission licensee.

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