Friday, January 14, 2011

Medical Leave

What a surprise to log in tonight to find that there are now over ten thousand unique readers of Shortwave America! WOW! This past week has been spent working on making the advertised changes to this publication, and getting new material ready, so things are coming slowly but surely!

Today starts a temporary "medical leave" for Shortwave America. Your well wishes and continued readership are appreciated. Posting will resume as soon as possible, and hopefully, sooner rather than later.

This evening's RAIN Report had Hap Holly with Part 2 of his interview with KE6RRI who now owns the wasteland known as the renegade repeater in L.A. Apparently, she and her group are moving the machine or a receive site about 20 miles away from her as opposed to the 80 miles she originally had to struggle to make it into the machine.

Everyone check the recent Amateur Radio Newsline because two stations in Southern Illinois will be conducting DX testing with different modes and levels of power. Antenna and signals will all be non-directional. One of these stations will go as low as 3 watts!

That's it for now. Stay around everyone, Shortwave America will be back!  

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