Saturday, January 22, 2011

Shortwave America Welcomes Keith Perron - PCJ Radio

Ladies and Gentlemen, faithful and loyal readers, and everyone else,

Shortwave America is excited to announce a new writer to this publication! Keith Perron, a veteran of the shortwave radio industry who is also a fellow Licensed Amateur Radio Operator will be writing about Media Network Plus, relevant radio items from Taipei, Taiwan, and other items of radio interest to include some technical items. Keith will also act as Shortwave America's first International Liasion.

                             Read Keith's Professional Bio Here

As International Liasion, Keith will be responsible for assisting the international community with any questions, comments, ideas, criticisms, and customer service issues. Keith will also have an important part to play in helping Shortwave America to develop into more of an international product that reaches it's full daily potential. Over the span of his career, Keith has consistently shown progressive growth and responsibility that rises to the level of someone who can be called an effective industry leader.

Thank you, Keith, for being a part of this publication and for the great future Shortwave America has with you as a team member!

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