Monday, August 29, 2011

Shortwave America Radio Propagation Reports - The First Two Weeks

Two weeks ago, Shortwave America integrated as part of Media Network Plus. Over the last two weeks, many positive comments have been had from listeners as far away across the globe as India and Australia. Nigel Holmes of the highly respected Radio Australia says he even enjoys the reports.

The Shortwave America Propagation Report is aired towards the end of the program. Here are the first two weeks, beginning with Media Network Plus show# 32.

Shortwave America Propagation Report, week one
August 20th, 2011

Shortwave America Propagation Report week two  Show#33
August 27th, 2011

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John Poet said...

Don't look now, but 'Commander Bunny' has now 'outed' YOU as one of MY "sock-puppets"! And they say the sunspot count is low...

Shortwave_America said...

This is just proof that BNY is grasping at straws. He has no credibility. The difference between me and BNY is that I am a legitimate radio personality / radio journalist who actually has integrity!

I'd love to see what he said just for the lulz!

John Poet said...

Commander Bunny says:

"Maybe if Gregory x xxxx AKA: Poet, his sock puppets Guise, Evil Elvis and Shortwave America weren’t so two faced, they could figure this out and stop ruining Pirate Radio for everyone else. If you aren’t going to transmit and produce shows, then find another hobby and leave Pirate Radio to the those who do!"

In a later post, he dials down to the epithet "newbie!" (I won't link to it here due to the excessive profanities...)

Sure knows how to gain support for his cause, doesn't he? ;-)

Anonymous said...

Dan, I think you will love this. Tom, AB9NZ  

Shortwave_America said...

Poet, thanks for keeping us informed. Tom, thanks for the link. Your link did get viewed and we have to say that this police officer in the video is not representative of the whole law enforcement profession. There are hordes of good officers out here, and just the few bad apples can make everyone look bad.