Monday, August 8, 2011

Civillian Uses Slain Officer's Radio To Call For Help, The Crystal Ship Has Sunk

Quoting a quick snippet from NBC San Diego:
"SAN DIEGO (NBC San Diego) - Seconds after San Diego Police Officer Jeremy Henwood was shot in his patrol car Saturday, a citizen used his radio to call for help. Henwood, 36, was shot in the head at University Avenue and 45th Street. The 4-year veteran of the department and veteran of the U.S. Marine Corps Reserves was pronounced dead Sunday morning."

Shortwave America would like to briefly say that this civillian should be held to the same standards as Licensed Amateur Radio Operators. Not very long ago, an amateur was hiking in the U.S. when he fell and broke his ankle. No other means of communications were available, and without help, this hiking radio amateur would have been in serious trouble. He used his modified amateur radio HT to call attention to his situation on a local Law Enforcement frequency and has seen legal consequences despite having fulfilled the legal burden for his actions, so what makes this civillian who rescued the cop any different??

Our next piece of radio related news says that a long running rivalry between John Poet and the crew of The Crystal Ship vs. WBNY also known as "Commander Bunny" has ended in the United States FCC shutting down the primary transmit site for the Crystal Ship after nearly twenty nine years to the day of its first transmission. See the official statement from the Crystal Ship

After examining all of the available data on this matter, Shortwave America can conclude objectively that the preponderance of the evidence shows that Commander Bunny is indeed the FCC SNITCH that did in the Crystal Ship. This was a great station while it lasted. TCS never interfered with broadcasts, never interfered with military radio traffic, never interfered with the amateur service, and had no prior complaints before the FCC took this action. Granted, it IS illegal to "broadcast" without a license, TCS proved over the past 29 years of its operation that low power broadcast without a license on unused frequencies and when practiced with technical proficiency, is absolutely not a threat to anyone or any radio service. The fact is that the FCC wasted time, money, and manpower to pursue TCS! 



Guise Faux said...

"The fact is that the FCC wasted time, money, and manpower to pursue TCS!"

Yes, indeed. Aside from the peculiar circumstances surrounding TCS getting the knock, we're wondering what's prompted the renewed FCC interest in shortwave pirate radio enforcement activity. After nearly a decade of virtually no FCC enforcement against unlicensed HF spectrum use - and very little involving licensed HF amateur radio - why the renewed interest in not only entertainment oriented shortwave free radio, but low power HF beacons as well?

Very puzzling expenditures of taxpaper resources at a time when the federal government is telling others to tighten their belts.

Shortwave_America said...

Exactly! A huge miscarriage of justice has been happening all along in just the contexts you are pointing out. Absolutely ZERO use of common sense has been happening and there is no reason to think common sense will be used anytime in the future.

Anonymous said...

The only "evidence" offered up on the Poets blogs is that the Feud started be fore the bust therefor Commander Bunny must be the snitch. Just because X happened before Y does not mean X caused Y. I hope your readers do See the official statement from the Crystal Ship to view all the available "evidence" the author of this blog claims to have reviewed and judge for themselves.

Anonymous said...

You have every right to be cynical, but consider the events that have taken place since this particular blog posting. The Artie Bigley email that Commander Bunny posted on his blog was proven to be false by a number of key details; one being the inaccurate Free Radio CafĂ© info and the fact that Bunny himself attempted to edit the email after it’s original posting. Granted, Bunny was pissed off at Poet for exposing his use of sockpuppets on the FRN and it was obvious there was friction between the two, the fact that CB would produce an email on his blog as evidence to contradict the accusation of being an FCC snitch and then alter the email afterwards makes it difficult to believe he had nothing to do with the bust in the first place.