Sunday, August 21, 2011

Funny Ways To Communicate - Classic Telephone Crack-Up's

Shortwave America usually sticks strictly with radio communications, but after the last many pieces here, it is time to have a few laughs with another of mankind's oldest form of communications...the telephone. Most of us are old enough to remember the original telephones. You either had a touch tone phone or you had a rotary dial. Before the days of called I.D., when you were a young man or woman you could pick up the phone and just have fun with people. Some people were naturally better at prank. calls than others, and some were good enough that they could make a career out of it or use it as a way to enhance their careers.

By now, you're probably thinking that prank calls are immature and childish, right? Not always! If you have a quirky and original sense of humor, you can put the right spin on a call and have a classic moment to cherish forever and it'll never get old. Below are some classics that were found by Shortwave America. Before we present this material, it needs to be said that you should never try any of this at home because there could be serious legal problems if you go too far. Be warned that some of this material is not safe for work or specific other environments.

Tom Mabe is our first phone genius

BT Telecom in the U.K. gets their nerves severely shaken in a classic way!

The Jerky Boys show the world how to have fun with a telephone booth

Unfortunately, Johnny Brennan IS the Jerky Boys now. No one knows why Kamal left the team for certain and Brennan says there is no bad blood between the old duo.

Howard Stern entertains us with a true classic!

Now for an idea for Shortwave America readers. We want to hear from as many of you as will comment. What would you think about a radio show combining the elements of the legendary John and Jeff Show , The Jerky Boys, and Howard Stern?

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