Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Barbara Frum - What Did Ya Feed The God Damn Cabbage? CBC Archives


PCJ Radio / PCJ Media, Media Network Plus in cooperation with Shortwave America are proud to present: What Did Ya Feed The God Damn Cabbage?  An interview with the late Barbara Frum of what used to be "Radio Canada International" and is now "CBC". Barbara interviews a Welsh farmer with a severe hearing impairment until she can't deal with him anymore. Here is a little background taken from the CBC website: (Click to enlarge)

Keith Perron explains this whole comedy of errors followed by the actual interview in full below. The interview was taken from the third Media Network Plus program which took place in December of 2010.

Broadcast Date: Dec. 31, 1976
Guest(s): M. McLaughlin
Host: Barbara Frum
Duration: 3:30

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Guise Faux said...

Oh, lord... I laughed so hard I snorted beer through my nose. May Barbara Frum be enthroned in the heavens alongside the goddess Pheme.