Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Shortwave America Integrates As Part Of Media Network Plus

Shortwave America has been officially contracted to provide the seven day radio propagation forecasts on the weekly edition of Media Network Plus, a program of PCJ Radio / PCJ Media. The first propagation forecast has already been recorded, and is scheduled to air soon. PCJ Radio / PCJ Media is the longest running radio station and media outlet in its genre. Shortwave America is proud to be affiliated with PCJ and all of its members, partner stations, and partner media outlets.

The Media Network Plus Schedule is as follows:
Saturday Africa & Asia from 1000UTC to 1030UTC
Saturday Europe from 1300UTC to 1330UTC
Saturday North America from 2100UTC to 2130UTC

Below is the satellite information for each region, for more you can visit
NORTH AMERICA: Galaxy 19 at 97º West, Transponder 27, 12.177 GHz Vertical Polarisation, Symbol Rate 23,000 Msym/s, FEC 3/4, DVB MPEG2, Choose Audio Channel: WRN1 (English), Service-ID: 13.

Sirius and XM Satellite Radio offer 60 channels of commercial-free music and up to 40 channels of news, sports and entertainment, all broadcast directly to your vehicle, anywhere on the continental United States. Sirius’ and XM's digital satellite delivery system ensures that listeners receive a crystal clear signal from coast to coast.
From May 4th, 2011 WRN will be available on channel 120 on both Sirius and XM alongside other news providers such as CNBC, ABC, Fox News, Bloomberg, and NPR. For further information on subscribing to Sirius Satellite Radio in the USA, please visit the Sirius website: or XM

EUROPE: Sky Digital, Channel 0122 (Eurobird 1, 28.5º East, Transponder C2, 11.224 GHz, Vertical, Symbol Rate 27.500 Mbaud, FEC 2/3, MPEG2 DVB audio stream. Select WRN Europe from audio menu.)
Eutelsat HOT BIRD 6, 13º East, Transponder 94, 12.597 GHz, Vertical, Symbol Rate 27.500 Mbaud, FEC 3/4, MPEG2 DVB audio stream. Select WRN English from audio menu.

ASIA PACIFIC: Intelsat 10 (formerly known as PAS 10) at 68.5 degrees east, Transponder: 14 (C band), downlink frequency: 3808 MHz (Vertical polarization), Symbol rate: 10.340 Msym/sec, FEC: 3/4.
Africa: Intelsat 10 at 68.5 degrees east, Transponder: 14 (C band), downlink frequency: 3805.5 MHz (Vertical polarization), Symbol rate: 6.670 Msym/sec, FEC: 3/4.

You can also receive WRN via DStv. For details contact DSTV on +27 11 289 2222, fax +27 11 577 4901, e-mail: or visit the DSTV website at
PCJ Radio only uses microphones exclusively from Marshall Electronics 900 Series. For more information visit

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