Friday, August 12, 2011

Artie Bigley, Crystal Ship, and WBNY - Poet Says Bunny Manufactured E-Mails

In a shocking turn of facts involving the FCC's action against John Poet's "Crystal Ship", WBNY has allegedly provided "evidence" that an individual named Artie Bigley was the "Confidential Informant" to the FCC. Poet states that Bigley was already a natural fall guy for this whole scheme due to a history of filling out one FOIA request with the FCC to learn of the WEAK Radio operator's name. This effort is said to have been a failed endeavor because of allegations that the FCC did not have that information available. What is absolutely known is that Free Radio Cafe was not registered anywhere near April 9th as proven by a domain search. We know now that the FCC did not use any direction finding equipment to find John Poet and issue him a notice of unlicensed operation. The FCC got a direct address either from Artie himself or someone else who had a direct address for Poet. Bunny would have been the only person with this information.

The FCC does not have any field agents or other personnel with the e-mail address that Artie supposedly used to communicate with the FCC. A search for "Tesla Motorhome" shows only results for a "Tesla Forum" and other links for motor home related items, but no company with that name.

One good theory that is quite possible is that the FCC used Poet's internet service provider to get his address since Poet used an e-mail address for his QSL cards and other communication with Crystal Ship fans. Poet also used the FRN and Free Radio Cafe and they could have traced him that way.

Here are the respective e-mails to and from the FCC allegedly involving Artie, courtesy of WBNY:

Shortwave America readers can verify the autheticity of these e-mails HERE

are these e-mails REALLY authentic though? the answer is sadly that they ARE NOT and here is further proof:

Here is the LINK TO A WHOIS SEARCH for anyone wanting to verify the authenticity of the captured image above. WHO would fake e-mails to and from the FCC using the Ohio Public Library Information Network (OPLIN)? Check here for secondary and more detailed verification of the above.

A statement and detailed investigative findings done by the Crystal Ship themselves (maybe John Poet himself)

Commander Bunny has been exposed by Radio Paranoia by way of a show of evidence

Artie Bigley has a Facebook account at which he has not been active or said a peep. . 

There is a MYLife account with the name Artie Bigley on it who claims to be from Columbus, Ohio. See, if THIS IS the right Artie and not someone else with the same name, then Artie still could not have sent that e-mail because FCC personnel have official e-mail addresses.

Examining the alleged return e-mail to Artie, there are two e-mail addresses used. Shortwave America was able to identify James Bridgewater as an FCC Agent and also as the FCC Michigan Office Emergency Contact. Neither of these e-mail addresses could be verified, another sign of a very badly faked e-mail. The only TRUE thing about this whole game is that James Bridgewater is employed by the FCC.

Maybe WBNY should have thought about his actions, but now he joins Kracker in the snitch ranks, never to be trusted again! Pirate operators, DXer's and everyone else take note that Bunny's game is to use his E-Bay sales list as his personal "hit list" in such fashion that he gives his information to the FCC when he wants to win a war he couldn't win otherwise! BAD BUNNY!!! Bad bunnies don't get no carrots, they don't get no trust, and definitely don't get no attention!!!

Shortwave America is proud to help give the Jack Ass Award to WBNY!

Co - signed by Shortwave America!


Unknown said...

The Crystal Ship has only used a Gmail email account, from the Gmail site, for quite a few years. Emails done from the Gmail site do not give an I.P. address for the sender- so the FCC could not have gotten an IP address from us that way. (If you use pop access to send with a Gmail address, it can show your I.P. but I've never done that).
The Free Radio Cafe site was not created until AFTER the FCC bust had occurred-- although the domain name had been purchased. It was the bust itself that caused me to speed up the creation and opening of the website. In any case, there is no public or member access to user I.P.s on the Free Radio Cafe.
My use of the FRN would have provided my I.P. address to the admins, of whom Pat Murphy aka Commander Bunny was the main one for many years, and was at the time of my ebay purchase of a CB t-shirt, and likely still has access to the moderator tools which show user IPs. Matching the I.P. location of my posts, up the city of my ebay purchase would have given up my real name and address. Other information involved with that purchase provided an updated address after I had moved. The post office was not given a forwarding address.
In retrospect, yeah, it was stupid of me to use that site without a proxy, believing that my info would be secure there.

For the sake of clarity, I do not believe that Artie Bigley was in any way involved in our bust, or even had any information that would have been helpful. I've never even had any contact with him until after the bust had happened. Can't say the same about "CB"/PM, unfortunately.

DJ Frederick said...

It's really sad that all of this espionage within the pirate community is contributing to my losing interest in shortwave free radio listening ... also because, with KIPM long gone and TCS now history there is very little worth listening *to*.

Shortwave_America said...

Absolutely! This is the exact way the Citizen's Band radio service went away as we once knew it.

Anonymous said...

Could it be that Commander Bunny was sent that info by Poet or someone wanting to make him look guilty. The way I see it Poet is using his own bust to make ppl he had problems with in the past go away. Just something to think about.

Anonymous said...

That’s a tactic Pat would use on someone, not Poet. If you do some homework you’ll find that Pat/CB using aliases or ‘sockpuppets’ was the one who would run people off that he had problems with, especially if they didn’t behave they way he wanted them to.

If anything, Poet is using the suspicious circumstances of his bust as a warning to others to be careful and not trust mainly ONE individual who has a proven track record of manipulating, bullying and exposing other’s identities along with their families long before these recent FCC actions even took place.

Poet doesn’t need to provide Commander Bunny with any false information; CB illustrated he’s quite capable of doing this on his own when he first posted the fake emails and then attempted to re-edited them which still didn’t fix the one glaring fact that discredits them. But don’t take my word for it, check the screen captures of WBNY’s blogs, illustrating the changes that occured and same difference for past FRN postings as well….there’s a pattern of behavior that can easily be seen.

And there’s something to really think about.