Friday, October 8, 2010

Special Post: When Kids Die From Bullying

This is not at all related to radio today, as Shortwave America felt moved to cover the story of 4 families in Ohio who lost their children to chronic, severe, and inhumane bullying

In Memory of Suzana Vidovic, whose tormentors laughed at her laying in her casket while her family looked on!

If anyone in the shortwave radio circles, amateur radio, pirate radio, broadcast radio media would consider devoting some special coverage or time of some sort to recognize these families and families before these who lost their kids to bullying, I'm sure the families would appreciate it more than any of us could imagine. 

The radio hobby, and those who are professionals in the radio world have such a wide reach that maybe there is a way we can find time to be a part of the solution. Radio offers a wide world view, teaches about cultures, current events, geography, math, and so much more! When tormentors can show up at their victim's funeral and continue their victimizing ways, it is time that everyone step up to do something! Kids deserve to have a future and to have a chance to move forward to become survivors of these acts until this epidemic comes to an end.

Work with your schools, youth clubs, social service agencies, and whoever else!  Radio is one activity with a universal focus that can offer a distraction, an activity to those kids who have little supervision and too much time on their hands. 


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Jspiker said...

I was "without words" when reading this headline in todays paper. It's just unimaginable to see "no remorse" at the funeral, and worse yet a drolling response from the perpetrators of this nightmare.

This school will be remembered in history as a moral failure to it's students. Where's the leadership?