Sunday, October 10, 2010

Shortwave America Surpasses Three Thousand Readers!

As of today, because of all of you who love the Shortwave America brand of radio related news, entertainment, station loggings, silliness and sarcasm, this web publication has surpassed three thousand (3,000) views! Although there are only two official followers, the numbers show astounding loyalty to this publication from all over the world.

Shortwave America has it's faithful from specific countries whose numbers are always rising on an almost daily basis. Canada, The U.K., China, Russia, Italy, Germany, and South Korea. It is suspect that there are more than that because SWA has found a problem or inconsistency with Blogger's counting method. The SWA bar graph will show higher readership than what the other numbers are showing, and when checked against other variables in the stats here at SWA, the bar graph and other stats are showing that the actual count of hits per day category has some sort of kink in it, but then it somehow catches up to the bar graph 24 hours after the fact.

Shortwave America recently got it's first three hits from Iran! Up until now, there was no way to be sure if this publication was making to those troubled regions of the world. Slovenia, Estonia, Italy, Spain, Guadeloupe, Hungary, Uruguay, Ukraine, France, Sweden, Colombia, Isle Of Man and everyone else from all over, thank you so much for choosing this as your place to read!

Shortwave America is still working on part three of the focus on radio communications in Iran, will be bringing you new material such as a new look at disappearing shortwave stations and the stations who are growing, stations taking the place of those who are now silent, as well as an update on the recent piece "When Kids Die From Bullying" and what specific real world efforts are being made by this publication in memory of victims and their families, prevention, partnerships, etc.

The radio world CAN make a difference in the community, no matter what country! It doesn't matter if it's the listeners / hobbyists, licensed amateur operators, professional broadcasters, broadcast associations, radio clubs, or those who are just good people with big hearts who want to play a part in being part of their local community.

Shortwave America is keeping an eye on changes that may be coming to the Amateur Radio bands, which will be helpful in international communications. Always remember, the comments section is open for your use on any topic and requests for coverage on radio related topics are always accepted. An author or a team of authors can write and write, but it is teh readers that make the publication work!

Shortwave America may possibly expand in the future beyond being just a web based publication. Research is underway into what is best in this pursuit. Maybe the audience would be interested in a Shortwave America Store? Coffee Mugs, T-Shirts/Sweatshirts, Hats, Mousepads? What would the readers like to see in a Shortwave America store?  What would the readers like to see Shortwave America do with an expansion?
Leave your comments here, and notes will be made!  


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