Tuesday, October 5, 2010

How To Screw With Restrictive Middle East Regimes Using Radio Technology

It's as easy as partnering with a radio show host who has a good thing going at an already internationally recognized radio station, then developing relationships in the radio world with people who can get things done thereby obtaining point to point distribution with a satellite feed which then gets the show on the shortwave bands right into where said inhumane government regime doesn't want it and right into the radio receivers of the people who have to live under such inhumane conditions so that they may hear about what's really happening.

Jamming? Yeah, sure this regime is gonna try it. This regime has no clue that there are people in the world who know enough that their jamming is futile for reasons that will not be given out here. Shortwave Central wrote about the Taliban using clandestine radio which we all know employs more than just propaganda. They depend on their broadcasts to overpower or jam stations they don't want people to hear. They got it all wrong, but they don't know that!

Keep tuned to this publication for further information. Shortwave America readers will be surprised at what is about to happen in an effort to not only bring non-state sanctioned radio to a certain part of the middle east, but what it will mean in the war against censorship across the globe. Technical details have already been obtained, but until the deal is signed in ink, mum's the word! 

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