Sunday, October 10, 2010

Classic Media Network

The Classic Media Network has been around since Thursday, May 7th, 1981. The show was around for almost 20 years, and published over one thousand editions (episodes) originally airing on RNW (Radio Netherlands). Hosted by Jonathan Marks, this is a show with a focus on providing the public with an internal view of the world of radio. Classic Media Network took the form of a first of it's kind communications magazine. Jonathan Marks was proud to show his audience what was happening in the radio business and why.

In an effort to stay on the cutting edge of the technology of the 80s, Classic Media performed experiments with BBS Systems otherwise known as computer bulletin boards before moving on to e-mail during the year of 1991. With the use of e-mail becoming available, listeners could send in material for the show quickly. Three years later, a new development would follow as a dramatic improvement over the BBS and would enhance the image of Media Network. They now had their own web presence and were able to boast of being on the list of shows to be first with this new electronic showing of their presence.

The year was 1994, and with this new presence, Classic Media Network could post things on it's site that were usually sent to listeners on request. Two of the items posted were text from the Receiver Shopping List and the ever famous, always wanted item "The Booklist". Now enter a new individual who had been a contributor to the show, Andy Sennitt. Andy had been the editor of the World Radio TV Handbook, and was now a full timer at Radio Netherlands. 

Andy did lots of work to expand what was a small website into what was called a "webzine". Without any given reason that can be found at this time, the show came to an end in October of 2000. Spring of 2003 brought challenges for Andy and Jonathan. War was declared in Iraq, and they had to do something to keep the public apprised of what was happening. At this time, the Media Network Weblog became a permanent reality. As the weblog became more popular, RNW approved using it as a wide use news - feed telling the public what was happening in radio media from all over the world. (Source Radio Netherlands Worldwide)

 Quick Facts about Jonathan Marks: 

Jonathan Marks was Head of the English Language Department at RNW.

Jonathan was promoted to service at RNW as Director of Programmes.

Jonathan's final position at RNW was that of Creative Director.

Jonathan is now the Founder and Owner of a Media Consulting Group called Critical Distance.

Critical Distance was formed in 2003 when Jonathan left RNW. 

Classic Media Network Signs With PCJ Media
Classic Media Network was back on the air on September 4th, 2010 in a new partnership with Keith Perron and PCJ Media. Altogether, there are six shows in the archives since Classic Media Network has been back on the air. The latest show was aired on October 9th, 2010. 

Here are direct links to the Archives: 

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Yup, Radio Netherlands is at the top of the heap. Consistently great programing. Tom, AB9NZ